August 13, 2016 9:32 am

StitchFix Box #3

Montgomery Cross-Front Knit Top – 41 Hawthorne

New shirt! Documenting it for posterity.

This print is slightly further on the preppy spectrum than I typically would choose for myself, but I really like it, so I think this is a great pick for me. Plus, as far as I can tell, this is actually the same top from my first box just in a different print. It’s a perfect work shirt – dressier than my normal Old Navy tees but not fancy enough to dissuade me from wearing it.

Verdict: Keep!

Lauderhill Lace Panel Knit Top – Papermoon

I really like the lace sleeves! I don’t actually have any lace in my closet at all, so LOOK AT ME, BRANCHING OUT. I can’t quite decide how I feel about the lace across the chest; the bottom of it has a raw edge so the tickley lacey pieces frequently catch my eye. This is a viscose/spandex blend top, so it feels pretty artificial.

Verdict: Keep!

Lizzy Colorblock Striped Sweater – 41 Hawthorne

I had actually requested this white/mint/gray sweater, but was told it was unavailable and this Lizzy Colorblock sweater was sent instead. It’s… okay. It looks more flattering on a person than it does on paper, and I like it all right but I wasn’t super excited about this one. [Ed. note: several months out, I wear it frequently but it’s gotten pretty pilled from regular wear which is disappointing – I haven’t even run it through the wash a zillion times or anything.]

Verdict: Keep, mostly because the “buy all five” discount made it so that keeping it only cost me $1.

Abberley Cut Out Detail Knit Top – Market & Spruce

This was actually on my Pinterest board! It’s a little more optical-illusiony in real life than it looks online, as in, it kind of makes my eyes vibrate to look at it. BUT! I love the cut-outs (they don’t show my bra, which is excellent!), I love the sleeve length, and it’s super comfortable.

Verdict: Keep!

Sienna Cropped Pant – Kut From The Kloth

Green pants! GREEEEEN PAAAAANTS! If you’ve ever looked at my “Dream Wardrobe” board on Pinterest, you’ve probably been made aware of my love for kelly green pants. These are supposed to be cropped but they’re kind of normal length on me, because I’m so short. I can’t decide if this looks okay or if I should hem them a bit so they actually look cropped. Either way, they go with a ton of stuff in my closet and they fit nicely. [Ed. note: several months out I… still have not worn these out of the house. I wanted to wait for summer, but then it seemed too hot for long pants. I think I should either sell them or hem them into shorts, since they don’t look good tucked into boots and that’s primarily how I envisioned wearing them.]

Verdict: Keep!

My stylist, Elizabeth, totally knocked it out of the park with this one! Thanks, Elizabeth! I totally did not expect to want to keep everything in my StitchFix box – I was disappointed over the sweater switcheroo at first, but it’s really grown on me!

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