March 4, 2016 11:51 pm

Eyeball Woes

:note: Foo Fighters – “Cold Day In The Sun”

My eye got worse overnight and I really need to get to an eye doctor to have it checked. It’s, um, pretty embarrassing. I feel bad for people who have to look at me. :o I’m tempted to just head things off and say “It’s okay to not look at me when you talk to me” or “It’s okay to stare. I think it’s weird too.” I’m dreading going to work on Monday and seeing other humans.

Today was bad enough – we got up early so I could check some books out from the library (um, I have a 10 page paper due Monday afternoon. Don’t tell me. I know. I should be working on it.) and I wore my sunglasses the whole time I was outside and tried to pull a Violet (from the movie The Incredibles) and push my hair over my bad eye when I was inside. Daniel said it made it look like I was trying too hard to hide it, but seriously, would you rather look at someone whose hair is over their eye, or someone whose whole left side of one eye is BRIGHT RED like they have some sort of weird disorder? I’d pick the hair, but that’s me.

I also had the unfortunate experience of trying to put Visine eye drops in myself. I finally had to ask Daniel to do it for me (actually, he offered, because he’s nice like that :cheer:) because I couldn’t make myself get the bottle close enough to my eye for it to land in my eye and not all over my cheeks. Not pleasant. I’ve never used eye drops before, and I can’t say I liked it.

And back to the research I go… :sneer:

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  • Ryan says:

    :( I hope your eye gets better. Sounds like it hurts really bad. And I hope you do good on your paper, I haven’t started my english essay yet….so maybe that makes you feel better! Peace ^_^

  • Meggan says:

    It actually doesn’t hurt at all. Weird, no? It’s basically just like a bruise, but in a weird place and red instead of purply-blue and not painful. God, I can’t even imagine if it were painful. Augh.

  • Zombie_Flyboy says:

    Sorry about your eye Meggan. How did it get hurt in the first place?

    Good luck with everything.

  • Meggan says:

    Well, it didn’t get hurt. :P That’s the thing. A blood vessel just spontaneously burst. It’s happened to me once before, but it didn’t look this bad the first time.

    Thanks for your concern, guys. Makes me feel a bit better about having a crrraaaazy eye!

  • Jem says:

    I’ve been having mega issues with my eyes recently. Don’t know what’s wrong.. :/ They keep going quite red, which as you say looks like I’ve got some sort of disease.. and I keep getting those irritating stye things. It’s not like I poke myself in the eye with any degree of frequency so they’re just there for NO REASON DAMNIT!