December 31, 2014 3:29 pm

Looking Forward

I saw this series of statements somewhere today and thought it would make sense to write them down here.

This year, I want to learn how to needlefelt. I want to make little animals! My mother-in-law knows how and maybe if I ask reaaaaallly nicely, she might teach me.

I want to read all the books we pick out for book club. I’m already side-eyeing this month’s pick as it’s not something I would have chosen myself (On the Road by Jack Kerouac) but I will soldier through.

I want to make friends! I know I grew up here, but I honestly don’t have many in-person friends where I live. I joined a mother’s club and have been attending their monthly book club to try to make this happen. We shall see! Wish me luck. Friend-making is hard once you’re past, like, age eight.

I want to visit Portland! But I always want to visit Portland. Maybe if we win the lottery we can go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter because I neeeeed to go at some point in my life. I finally logged back into Pottermore the other day and then spent two days HOOKED to the website going through all the moments. Now I’m thinking about having another Harry Potter themed birthday because I will turn 30 in 2015 and what better way to celebrate than dressing up as a fictional wizard?

I want to change my career path. I have GOT to find something else to do. I have been out of the professional web development loop for so long that I don’t even know how to break back in anymore and frankly, the thought makes me feel exhausted instead of excited. I’m still really interested in becoming a lactation consultant, so maybe I will do some more research. Seems dumb to switch careers and possibly go back to school when I haven’t even paid off my student loans for my first degree, but doing client web work makes me feel super panicky in a way that helping people breastfeed does not and I think I should follow my instincts.

I want to be better at finding a place for everything and putting everything in its place. I want to have a living space that won’t make me cringe on a daily basis. I’ve put this book on hold at the library and I’m excited to read through it. I’m an inveterate packrat and I’m desperately trying to change that so I’m not wading through junk all the time.

Most of all I want to not worry so much this year. Things will work out.

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  • adastra says:

    What’s your Pottermore name? Mine is ThestralPatronus66 :) I’ve been wanting to re-read all the HP books for about half a year, but never had the time… so I picked the first one up on Dec 30 and read it in two days… some for the second one. I’m currently trying very very hard not to read the third one, because I really need to focus on my university reading instead and start revising for my exam in February. Cruel world. I guess I’ll be reading the rest of the books after my exam.

    Anyway, due to all that I also looked at Pottermore again, but I hope I won’t be spending all my time there now ;)

    • Meggan says:

      I think we might be friends already! Mine is MoonPixie201.

      My last HP re-read was mid-2013 and you’re right, the first ones go super fast. Sorry you have to postpone the third one! I hope your exam goes well.

      • adastra says:

        Oh good! I was wondering who MoonPixie was, as you were one of my few friends for whom I didn’t add the nickname (a long time ago when I first got my account) ;)