August 26, 2014 11:54 pm

Thora – 3 Months

I think I blogged all the time when Wesley was an infant and the poor second baby gets a birth story and then radio silence for three months.

Thora has already crawled off our bed (because we are sinful, SINFUL people and *whispers* she sleeps on her tummy most of the time). She was terrified but perfectly fine and landed on her back on a stack of diapers. She did it at a day shy of three months old. Overachiever!

Baby rolls.

She slept through the night for the first time right at two months old, and BELIEVE YOU ME, I was as shocked as you could possibly imagine.

Wesley nursed every two hours around the clock for FOREVER (though I guess he often slept from 7pm-midnight at 3mos) but Thora really does not want us to interfere with her sleep. She doesn’t nurse to sleep. She indicates that she’s sleepy by going all red around the eyes and being fussy, so I lay her down in bed, awake, and then she goes to sleep and I don’t hear from her for hours.

She doesn’t require the backbreaking joggling with white noise that Wesley required, nor the Indiana Jones-style precious-cargo-transfer into the crib. I can plonk her down in the most awkward of ways and she’ll shift her body a bit and go right back to sleep. It’s a beautiful thing.

I describe her as being much fussier than Wesley was but a much better sleeper, so I am not going to complain. She goes to sleep at roughly 8pm and I don’t hear from her again until about 4am. Last night she started making a peep around 3 so I gave her a binky and she happily slept until 6am.

8pm to 6am. WHO IS THIS BABY?!

I don’t want any new parents or soon-to-be parents reading this and thinking this is normal and that their baby is messed up because it wants to be fed every hour and a half or two hours around the clock. I HAD ONE OF THOSE BABIES. Trust me. I think that sort of baby is more within the realm of normal than the sort I have now.

It also makes me laugh at the people with one baby who are like, “Yeah, it’s all in the nighttime routine. Lay them in bed – AWAKE – and they learn to fall asleep by themselves.” HA! AHAHAHA! No. It is the baby’s personality and general temperament that determines how they prefer to be put to sleep. As a baby, Wesley required so much effort on our part to fall asleep. When Thora was littler, I tried all the baby whisperer tricks I knew from having Wesley and she would. not. have. it. In fact, she just got madder and madder the more I tried to “put her to sleep.” As soon as I left her the hell alone, she was fine. Different babies require different approaches.

Anyway, she is a delight.

Fun with accessories on this thunderstormy day.

She’s very drooly and still a “happy spitter” who spits up all the time but gains weight just fine so who cares. (Me. Sort of. I do a lot of laundry.)

We still co-sleep/bedshare, but ever since she crawled off the bed I’ve been putting her down in our co-sleeper crib and then she comes to bed with me once she wakes up to nurse. She nurses just fine – no nipple shield! – and I can’t describe how freeing that is. I have not once felt like I needed to use a cover and I no longer live in fear of being caught somewhere without a shield, unable to nurse.

Jeggings McBaby, reporting for duty.

She’s rolled over a few times already – front to back – and it’s never been when I am actually watching her. I’ll set her down and turn around only to hear her squawking because she rolled onto her back and didn’t want to be there.

She laughed for the first time today. Grammie was playing with her and she thought it was the best ever.

We love her to bits.

"Aww, mom!"

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