March 25, 2014 2:24 pm

33 Weeks – Mini-ECV

Today at my prenatal appointment, my midwives tried to do a mini external cephalic version turn the baby into a more favorable position. It was weird and uncomfortable (and, yes, parts of it were painful at times) but we got the baby into a horizontal/transverse position before we decided to stop. Baby’s heart tones were good throughout, though she was obviously wondering what the heck we were doing to her. It just got to a point where she kind of needed to turn toward my spine which would have been hard to do and we didn’t want to over-stress her.

Not even five minutes after we were through, she was already head-up again. Stubborn!

Baby’s butt is still kind of off to the side a bit so A) apparently that is just how I grow babies, and B) it’s still totally possible for her to turn. (FINGERS CROSSED.)

I was given some arnica liquid to help with any post-ECV soreness. Denise says I’m doing all the right things, and she suggested I could try acupressure on my pinky toes too.

I continue to have no proteinuria and my BP was 108/68. I’m measuring exactly on target. I’ve gained 27lbs so far, which is more than I wanted to gain but it’s still less than half of what I gained with Wesley. Everything looks fantastic, save for the breech presentation.

I have a drop-in appointment to check baby’s position next Monday, and then my next prenatal is the following Tuesday.


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