January 23, 2014 5:08 pm

Dressing A Girl

Since finding out that Baby #2 is a girl, I’ve started browsing for clothes online and I’m realizing I apparently don’t fall into the marketing niche all manufacturers think I’ve fallen into.

I’ve been pinning stuff on Pinterest that I like and it’s all neutrals or navy blue and maroon or gray and teal and yellow. And it’s adorable! Way cuter than the “Mommy’s Little Cupcake” stuff. Why is it so hard to find clothes that don’t say dumb things on them? Or onesie packs that come in colors other than pink and hot pink? I like pink just fine, but good grief.

I get the feeling I’ll be reusing more of Wesley’s wardrobe than I initially thought! A girl needs some blue and green in her life.

This is not a unique dilemma, I know. And I had a similar one when we found out Wesley was a boy – little boy stuff is all SPORTS TIME and DADDY’S CONSTRUCTION BUDDY and I LOVE TRUCKS.

Where are the relatively inexpensive clothes in simple dots and stripes in a multitude of colors? Or florals. I think I basically want to dress my kid like Posie Gets Cozy dresses her daughter.

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  • BreAnna says:

    Why do so many baby girl pants have words or other things across the butt?!?! Not okay!
    Most of Beatrix’s clothing is hand me downs, but when I do buy her new clothes they are from H&M or Nordstrom Rack (mostly from the boys section). Consignment is good for finding less of the “Mommy’s little cupcake” stuff, depending on where you go.

    • Meggan says:

      Yeah, the butt prints are bad news.

      H&M has such cute stuff – we finally have one in Spokane that carries kids clothes! I think they have a Nordstrom too but I’m not sure if there’s a Rack around. I’ll have to research!

    • Scarlet says:

      They do the things on the bum with boy clothes too and I think it’s insanely adorable. I think it has more to do with the fact that it looks cute when they are crawling around than anything else.