December 21, 2013 7:41 pm

Naughty List

Wesley’s Nana and Papa took him on this boat ride “to the North Pole” extravaganza the other day. Santa was there, and he started the boat ride by reading out a list of names of kids on his nice list. (Names of the kids on the boat.)

Except… He didn’t say Wesley’s name! Nana and Papa started to try to explain this away when Santa cried out, “Ho ho ho! Santa has made a mistake! There’s a page two to my list!” and went on to call Wesley’s name.

Later at dinner, Wesley piped up:

“Did you know? I was kind of surprised to be on Santa’s nice list. I have been very naughty at my home.”

Nana said, “Well, you’re probably trying to turn it around, right? And be very nice?”

To which Wesley replied, “Not really?”

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