December 6, 2013 7:13 pm

17 Weeks

I had my second prenatal appointment today and it went really well! My blood pressure was great (94/70) and I’m only up a couple of pounds. Fetal heart rate was 140-150 and we had a nice talk about me eating more protein and taking more walks. Given that it’s currently six degrees outside and windy… I am not really feeling the walk idea but I will figure something out.

Sleep continues to be a problem. I should just get over my fear of taking Unisom regularly and just take it already since it appears to help keep me asleep, unlike melatonin, which seems to make me drowsy just fine but does not help me stay asleep, which is the actual problem I am trying to solve.

My midwife also reviewed my medical charts from my induction/c-section and said that my bloodwork/urinalysis numbers weren’t ideal but weren’t, like, HORRIBLE. So she’s pretty optimistic that I’ll “have a different story this time around.” That’s about the best I could hope for, so I’m happy about that. I would have been worried had she hemmed and hawed about me being high risk or something, but she feels like things are going great so far and we’ll continue to keep an eye on things.

Unrelated: I got my Secret Quonsar gift in the mail today! It was so unexpected – for some reason it didn’t even occur to me that I might receive it before the send-by date! I am going to mail my person’s gift out tomorrow (on the deadline! whoops) so hopefully they receive it in a timely fashion.

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