November 2, 2013 4:48 pm

New Cousin; Work Clothes

Two things for today:

Baby Cousin
My sister-in-law just had her baby (a boy! I was totally guessing girl!) and I am so, so excited for her and her husband. This is their first baby and they’re going to be amazing. The little guy is Wesley’s first cousin on that side of the family!

Work Clothes
I just finished day five of a seven-day workweek (to make up for the time I was in Portland) and I am rapidly running out of work-appropriate clothes that are also comfortable to wear. I don’t need maternity clothes yet, but I find I’m preferring to wear dresses with leggings versus pants – they’re just more comfortable! Problem is, I don’t have that many work-appropriate dresses! Gah. I need a basic ponte knit dark gray dress and maybe another ponte thing and it’d help me out a lot.

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