October 31, 2013 3:06 pm

Halloween 2013

We made our annual pilgrimage to Portland this year, the week before Halloween. It truly is the best time to visit Portland – the weather is perfect for dresses with tights and boots because it’s chilly, but it’s not very rainy yet. We visited the Sauvie Island Pumpkin Patch and the Children’s Museum and hung out with friends and ate yummy food and it was a big success.

Huge, HUGE thanks to our friends Jack & Verity and Cameron & Brianna & Piper for letting us crash with them while we were in Portland.

We won’t mention how Wesley threw up (mostly water) the entire drive, necessitating four outfit changes before he finally gave up and asked to stay in his wet pants. And how our car overheated an hour into the drive, because our coolant in our car was outrageously low even though we had had our oil changed the day before and I’m pretty sure they checked it – but maybe not. Or how I came down with the vom sickness at 5pm the next day, or how Daniel came down with it the morning after. WE WON’T MENTION IT. THEN I CAN FORGET IT EVER HAPPENED.

Here, have a picture of Wesley with his leaf pile:

Proud of his leaf pile!

Or him being silly at the top of the haystack at the Pumpkin Patch:

King of the hill!

Choosing his pumpkin:

Unsure if he's found the right one.

Or taking our annual Pumpkin Patch photo:


I think next year he might be too big to sit on a little pumpkin and AGGGGH MY BABY IS HUGE.

For Halloween, Wesley has chosen to be Mickey Mouse. We have a little headband with ears, and a black shirt and leggings, red shorts with a tail and white puffy paint buttons, and then I made him some wacko yellow shoe covers so it’d look like he had big Mickey shoes. They’re a little Suzy Homemaker but I figure nobody is going to look very closely at them. (Please don’t look very closely at them.)

Mickey Mouse!

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