May 25, 2013 7:24 pm

Hot Spring Highlights

Our fifth wedding anniversary was on May 24th, so we’re celebrating in Canada this weekend!

Some highlights from the hot springs:

  • Steven Segal look-alike with a gold chain necklace and nipple tattoos – one said “sweet” and the other said “sour.”
  • An adorable toddler girl with an amber teething necklace and a little pixie haircut.
  • Little boy, about age five, while happily swimming by with his mom’s help: “I’M DROWNING!”
    As Daniel and I dissolve into giggles, we hear his mom say, “It’s not nice to say that unless it’s true.” It reminded me SO much of the things I have to say to Wesley!
  • Friend Paul (a really good friend from college) was making a nationwide motorcycle trip and ended up at our house early in the week. He then met us at the hot springs this morning for a swim! It was really good to see him.
  • We Skyped with Wesley for the first time this evening and got such a kick out of it! He perked up as soon as he heard our voices. We told him about our ferry ride and how we bought him some presents, and he was pretty excited about helping Ona make some chocolate pudding before bathtime.

We need to get Wesley a passport so he can come with us next time! I think he’d have a lot of fun swimming. There are a lot of families with kids here, so I think as long as we remind him of the rules (no splashing, no running, etc.) he would do okay.

I say this every time we visit, but CANADA, I LOVE YOU. You have Shreddies cereal and Cadbury mini-eggs (available year round!) and tiny jugs of chocolate milk, and lilac bushes EVERYWHERE along the highway and it’s all so beautiful! Plus, your television commercials are way better than ours.

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