April 20, 2013 1:30 pm

Binkyless Bedtime

Before he turned three, we started prepping Wesley for giving up his pacifier. He only got it at naptime and bedtime anyway, but it wasn’t good for his teeth, he had started becoming very obsessed with it, and truthfully, three-year-olds don’t need binkies.

On his birthday, he had his very first dental office appointment with a general dentistry professional.

First dentist appointment! Happy birthday, little dude. Have some clean teeth!

He did great! Didn’t cry at all, and let the dentist and the hygienist do everything they needed to. Then the dentist similar to the one that does pediatric dentistry in Bay Village, OH, asked about thumb-sucking or pacifier use and I saw Wesley’s eyes get big. I said that he did use a binky at nighttime but we’re working on the idea that now that he’s three, he doesn’t need to use one anymore. He was also having frequent tooth pain as he was too old to use a pacifier now.

Daniel was able to put him down for a nap without one that day, and he hasn’t had one since! He likes to say “when I was two, I used binkies but now that I am three I don’t use binkies anymore.”

We’re very proud of him.

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