February 7, 2013 12:16 am


I finally did it – I gave in and got an iPhone! I didn’t want to deal with the new connector or the higher price or the silly-looking tallness of the 5, so I got the 4S.

The guy at the AT&T store didn’t even offer to transfer my contacts over when I got the phone though, so I have practically nobody in it yet. I might go in tomorrow and have them do it rather than trying to do it all manually.

As for cases, I got a cheap snap-on case to tide me over until I could find a case that fit all my requirements, and thanks to recommendations on Twitter, I now have one coming in the mail. It’s a dark pink slide-on case with a little rubber inside for cushioning – I wanted something a wee bit beefier than the cheap case just in case of unforeseen toddler accidents.

I was a little worried that I’d regret the purchase (mostly due to the extra monthly cost and the fragility of the phone) but I loooove it so far!

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  • Cristina says:

    Yay welcome to smartphone land, hehe! My mommy just went from a ghetto Motorola Razr to a 4s, so it’s definitely taking some getting used to.

    I remember when I made the switch I felt like I finally had a phone that I could max out its potential. Glad you like it so far! ^^

  • Amanda says:

    I just went from a 4 to a 5 (semi-enforced, my phone went missing in Vietnam so I needed a new handset)!

    You won’t regret it, I do everything on my iPhone, from grocery lists to music to the usual social networking stuff!

  • Melissa says:

    YEAH! Glad you’re liking the phone so far! :D You should do another post soon about your favorite apps. :star: