January 31, 2013 9:52 pm


Things I have been doing that were not writing on my website:

  • Watching BBC’s Merlin
    I accidentally became obsessed with this show (and Colin Morgan/Bradley James) and I’m still not over it. I’ve only seen up through the end of season 4 though, because that’s all Netflix has and I don’t know where to watch season 5.
  • Working
    Part-time + freelancing a bit. My day-to-day tasks have changed quite a bit from when I first started this job – I primarily do PHP development now, which, if you know me professionally, you know that this is… not one of my strong points. I pine for the days of developing WordPress themes!
  • Putting Wesley back to bed
    Kid does not like to go to sleep on the first try. It’s beyond infuriating and I don’t have any idea how to resolve it. Skipping his nap seems to do the trick, but I think he legitimately does need the nap.
  • Watching movies starring actors from other things I like
    Ten Inch Hero (with Jensen Ackles) and Fast Girls (with Bradley James) are both interesting, feel-good movies I’m really glad I saw. I never would have picked them otherwise, but I figured they’d be worth a shot based on who was in them, and I was not disappointed. Ten Inch Hero is quite a bit more risque than Fast Girls – the latter is about a running team and a girl trying to get along with her snotty rich teammate. Both highly recommended.
  • Thinking about getting an iPhone
    I might take the plunge tomorrow. I am just so over not having a decent camera to carry around, and there are apps I want to use, and I am tired of having a weirdo phone that nobody has borrow-able chargers for.
  • Lurking on Tumblr
    I don’t even want to talk about it. My apologies to my followers who aren’t fans of Merlin or Supernatural. (Or if you ARE a fan of these shows, YES LETS TALK LET ME FANGIRL WITH YOUUUUU) (Also, big hugs to wingedwonder who has the best socially-conscious tumblr ever and I am a better person for having followed her.)
  • Waiting for friends to have babies
    I have two friends due in February and I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET THESE BABIES.
  • Planning Wesley’s 3rd birthday party
    Because I am a nut and kind of a planner and I just wanted to have something done ahead of time. (His birthday isn’t until the end of March.)
  • Taking down our Christmas decorations
    ON THE LAST DAY OF JANUARY, NO LESS. Shameful. Currently planning on getting a desk lamp to put where the tree was because I like having a light source there. This is why I leave the tree up for so long – I like the dim glowyness of it in the evenings.
  • Avoiding doing my taxes
    Normally, I love doing taxes. (I like filling out forms, what can I say?) However, last year, I was so excited to get started that I collected all my papers, filled everything out, got everything completed and approved and sent in, and then received a tax document in the mail from some retirement account thingy left over from my fancypants job in Portland. ACK. I had to file an amended return, and pay some money, and it was a whole mess. I have learned my lesson about early tax preparation and I am now forcing myself to wait until I am 3000% sure everything has come in the mail before I go ahead and file. I do not want a repeat of last year.

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  • Tracy says:

    I took down our Christmas things last weekend :) The snowflakes hanging from the ceiling infront of the window looked so pretty though. I still have the lights on the balcony.
    None of my friends have kids. Or are married. I’m waiting too but somehow I’m thinking I will be the first one…
    Nice to see you blog every now and again, I didn’t blog at all last year so jebelle . net is not available anymore :(

  • Melissa says:

    I had to deal with Andrew escaping his room all the time once he figured out how to open his door. The only thing that worked was putting one of those childproof latches on his doorknob. Cruel, I know, but if it wasn’t there, he’d be out of his room, out of the house wandering the neighborhood. We rent so we can’t put up additional locks and this is the only way to keep him out of serious trouble.

  • BreAnna says:

    My thoughts on your list:
    Oh Wesley… I thought maybe with the reduced live tweeting of bedtime perhaps he was getting with the program a bit more. :(
    I can’t figure out Tumblr. It is too much for me to follow!
    Get an iPhone!
    OMG Wesley can’t actually be turning three this year. Is this real life?
    I was excited to do our taxes this year, but then I started them and it would go from looking like we were getting a decent return to me inputting a new document which made us owe a ton of money, then I would put in a new document that made it look like we’d be getting a refund (though not as high as initially) to putting in the last of the documents where now it looks like we owe $300. It isn’t bad, but I’m bummed that we owe. My childhood best friend is an accountant so once she’s done with busy season this year I really need to ask for her advice on withholdings and such so we don’t end up owing next year, plus I imagine the baby changes things a bit too.
    Speaking of babies! I’m so excited for you to meet LB!