November 26, 2012 11:34 pm

Ate the taxi?

My mom had minor surgery on her foot today and Daniel got nominated to drive her home from the hospital because he has Mondays off. We had joked earlier about hoping she didn’t say anything inappropriate while coming out of anesthesia, and fortunately she didn’t, but she did send Daniel this text:

Hi. Not ready yet but will be soon! Did you remember you ate the taxi?9

…which he proceeded to forward to me at work. Cue me, shaking at my desk trying not to audibly laugh in a quiet room.

Turns out it was a mere typo (“ate” instead of “are”) but it still made me giggle.

Apparently, while she was under anesthesia, she vaguely knew people were bustling around her and she was “so happy that all those people were helping clean her house.” I laughed at that too, mostly the idea that there would be a team of professionals all cleaning the house together while she slept.

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