November 20, 2012 11:46 pm

FLDS Escape Books

I was so busy reading Stolen Innocence that I didn’t realize what time it was and now I only have 15 minutes to publish this!

It’s the true story of a girl escaping from the FLDS movement led by Warren Jeffs – she was part of the suit brought against him that’s mentioned in the top portion of that Wikipedia article.

I read the book Escape by Carolyn Jessop a while back which follows a similar plot. Both women’s books are really great reads – the culture they grew up in is so different from mine (ours) and it’s fascinating to me. Stolen Innocence delved a bit more into the day-to-day cultural differences, but it had a timeline that was a little more difficult to follow than Escape. (Characters appear and disapper, suddenly the author is six months pregnant, etc.) Escape was riveting and the timeline made more sense to me, but then again they are different types of stories… one is strictly an account of the author’s escape from the FLDS community, and the other talks about the author’s childhood and her arranged marriage at age 14 and her subsequent rebellion and escape.

Anyway, if you like memoirs (especially religious memoirs) and tales of triumph over adversity, I’d recommend them both.

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