November 18, 2012 8:41 pm

Books, Avengers, Decluttering

We spent the morning at Daniel’s mom’s house organizing little-kid books. They were all in storage and she wanted them out for Wesley to be able to read, so we went through a bunch of boxes and got them all out and on the shelves. We found the first book Daniel learned to read (“Tip” – a “see Spot run” type of book about a dog), the book Half Magic (which is great and if you have not read it, I would heartily recommend it), and a bunch of those cloth-bound books you make yourself in grade school.


Last night, we watched Moonrise Kingdom (I liked it, I think – not as much as The Life Aquatic or the Darjeeling Limited, but it was good) and tonight we’ve rented The Avengers. I keep seeing all this stuff on Tumblr for the Avengers so I feel like I get the gist of the movie already, but it’s kind of annoying to see all these things and not be able to understand them, hence renting it for this evening.


I’ve been noticing that a lot of the rooms I pin on Pinterest are entirely devoid of media. Like, surely these people own a DVD or two? Or have a record collection? I’ve since come to the conclusion that it’s really hard to get that nice, minimalistic aesthetic while owning physical media.

I would LOVE if all the DVDs I owned were saved digitally somewhere so I could just browse through them like MP3s or Netflix and pick one to watch rather than having to physically open a DVD case and insert it into our Xbox. Alas.

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  • Katy says:

    your point about pinterest – so true! a bookcase that’s only used to show off a few ornaments? a table with nothing on it but a vase of flowers? pfft. who are these people who live in completely clutter free homes…

  • Amanda says:

    My thoughts on those pinterst photos is that they hide them somewhere. If there’s a chest in the room, they’re probably all in boxes in there — they might have taken them out of the cases and put them in sleeves so they fit, but I mean, people watch movies still? Mine are all out. Same with books. I want to see them after I’ve read them, it brings back memories. :)

    Also, Avengers was awesome. I really like Joss Whedon as a director, and Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man. Before he’d take me to watch it, my husband had me watch Captain America, Thor and both Iron Man movies. I haven’t seen the Hulk though, and probably should.