November 8, 2012 10:11 pm

+1 Productivity

Today I:

  • Changed the sheets on our bed. We got these new flannel sheets from Target that are ivory with teal ticking stripes and they’re adorable.
  • Did two loads of laundry (but didn’t fold any of it because UGGGGHHHH FOLDING LAUNDRY)
  • Deposited paychecks in the bank
  • Dropped off a check at daycare
  • Visited Daniel at work (Wesley swept some rugs with this electric sweeper thing and LOVED IT.)
  • Discovered my lost iPod at the bottom of the washer after the second load of laundry :|
  • Made Wesley a shape-matching worksheet that he seemed to have fun with. We practiced writing his name and drawing lines from a shape on the left side of the page to its matching shape on the right.
  • Had a meeting with a freelance client
  • Badly bruised my middle finger while opening my car door to head to the above meeting. It was ridiculously windy outside and the wind blew the car door at me and it hit my finger really, really hard. It puffed up right away and is now all bruised.
  • Watched the latest episode of Supernatural on Hulu. I don’t know how people manage watching television shows while they are actually on television. My favorite thing about discovering a new book series or TV series or band is when all their books/episodes/albums are already out and I can just gorge myself on their entire body of work. Waiting a whole week between episodes feels like an eternity.

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