November 4, 2012 11:36 am

SimpleTwitter RSS URL Update

The other day, I noticed that the Twitter feed on my website was stuck on a status from several weeks ago. Upon investigation, it looks like Twitter updated the URL for RSS feeds, and because the SimpleTwitter plugin I use is so ridiculously old (last updated in 2007) it was stuck on the last message before the RSS feed URL was updated.

I did some investigation, discovered the new format for RSS feeds, and fixed the plugin for myself. If you’d like to fix your copy, here is the change you need to make:

  1. Find line 140, which should look like this:
    $url = ''.$twitterId.'.rss';
  2. Change it to:
    $url = ''.$twitterId;
  3. Save and upload!

Use at your own peril, I make no guarantees with regard to this code, etc. etc. It was a super-simple fix and worked for me so I’m posting this in case it will help someone else.

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