November 2, 2012 9:40 pm


Last month at work we were asked what we’d found inspiring recently. I came up with my answer immediately, because I had just gotten a Land of Nod catalog in the mail and they have such fantastic styling for their catalogs – I couldn’t stop thinking about all the neat projects I could make based on what I’d seen. I felt kind of silly answering that question with “a children/baby product catalog” but it was the truth!

THEN, after answering, I went back to my desk and looked up the website and apparently they have an online catalog that is somehow MILES BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS. It comes with craft tutorials! Blew my mind.

Last year, I ended up making a mitten garland based on one I’d seen in their catalog, and this year I’m thinking about making a garland similar to this Christmas tree one:

Tree Garland

I just love that it’s so bright! It says it’s made from felt but it’s so thin it almost looks like paper.

(I just realized I can’t remember if I ever posted a photo of my mitten garland. It looked like this:

mitten garland
mitten garland

…and now I’m wishing I had saved a picture of the LoN inspiration because it’s not on the website anymore.)

Christmas crafting makes me sort of giddy, I’ll admit. And yes, I know Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet – I am of the opinion that it’s rarely too early for Christmas cheer. And crafting.

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