December 28, 2011 6:09 pm

21 Months

Wesley turned 21 months old on Christmas! I can’t believe he’ll be two in March; I wonder what we’ll do for his birthday? Dinosaurs are a big hit with him and would make a cute theme.


He loooooves to stack blocks and arrange like items together. In the photo below, he stacked his plastic dinosaurs on top of some blocks my dad made him for Christmas last year, and was SO EXCITED. [Photo does not capture said excitedness, but trust me, he was thrilled.]


Every time he stacks something or arranges items he yells “NICE!” until someone acknowledges his feat.

He seems to have a vague notion of colors and will say “lallow” and “pinckh” – sometimes correctly!

His favorite books right now are The Night Before Christmas and This Is Me (also known as “the piggy book” or “oi oi oi”) by Richard Scarry. He got approximately 928734 books for Christmas so I’m curious to see which ones will rise in popularity.

He likes helping organize and clean things. If he makes a mess (spilled water, etc.) he is almost always willing to help clean it up with a rag, and he likes to help put toys away if he sees one of us doing it. We also have him help clean up if he purposely spits/drools, especially if he has food in his mouth. His vindictive spitting/drooling has decreased a LOT since I took Jem’s advice and told him he was allowed to spit at bathtime. Just knowing that he COULD spit at some point in the future makes him stop the angry spitting/drooling right away.

Dishes with Daddy


He’s down to nursing once or twice a day at most, and will often skip a day entirely. Sometimes he wakes up saying “milk! milk!” but if he doesn’t mention it, I’ll ask him if he wants it, and his answer is often “nooo, nooo” and he toddles off to the kitchen to get some yogurt for breakfast. I don’t quite know how I feel about this yet; I really wanted to make it to the WHO-recommended two years, but his need to nurse is clearly diminishing and I’m betting if I didn’t ask about it, he wouldn’t either. Or only very occasionally.


No, I am okay about it, I think. It will just be weird to not be able to define myself as a nursing mother. Today I even contemplated purchasing a non-nursing bra! And then I felt kind of sad about not needing a nursing bra. I assume these are normal weaning emotions? I am leaning heavily on Swistle’s weaning post and the comments as a reminder that if I feel The Crazies coming on, it is probably the weaning.


Also, he’s hilarious:

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  • BreAnna says:

    He is getting so big. I know I say that every time but seriously!
    I imagine weaning is really sad, it’s been a huge part of your life for nearly two years! I hope that little W holds out for a few more months so you can meet your two year goal.

  • Caity says:

    Oh my gosh he is so cute. I love that he helps with the chores. That is so sweet! You had better enjoy that while it lasts. :P

    The building stage is always fun. I love how they want acknowledgement for their towers. Does he knock them down yet? That’s always fun too.

  • Meggan says:

    Caity – Yes! He folds his hand in so the back/top of his hand is facing out, and says, “knock? knock?” and then WHAM! he knocks it down and laughs. :D

  • Jem says:

    I’m glad the spitting thing worked for you because Isabel has since gone into overdrive with it. :devil:

    The weaning thing … I’m still sad about Isabel stopping just shy of her 2nd birthday. Not so much because I had 2 as a minimum goal in mind, but just “because”. :( In hindsight, I think if I could do it over (I know, I know, totally stupid to go through this train of thought) I would have upped the offering in the day after she stopped waking for feeds at night.

    It’s funny, when I look at little teensy newborn Wesley and big toddling boy Wesley they look so similar. He’s not really changed. Isabel on the other hand – completely different baby. So weird.

  • Gretchen says:

    I LOVE this kid!