November 10, 2011 4:30 pm

Thankful Thursday (Week 2)

Here’s this week’s installment of Thankful Thursdays:

  • Being able to see lots of my extended family for a day or two. I’d never met some of my cousin’s kids before and it was nice seeing everyone, despite the reason we were all together.
    Grandpa and Grandma
  • Non-coin-operated laundry. I’ve only had a washer and dryer in my apartment unit once before, but it was my first time living away from home so I didn’t fully appreciate it. Since then, after spending years scrounging up quarters and lamenting the cost of each load of laundry, it’s a huge thing to be able to toss in a load of diaper laundry right when I think about it. (Our landlord pays for water costs too, which is one less thing to worry about!)
  • Wesley learning to say “whale.” It sounds like “wee-oh.”
  • My dad, for putting snow tires on my car free of charge last Sunday, and then texting and calling me this morning to warn me that the rear passenger side tire was flat. Sure, I was 20 minutes late to my LLL meeting, but I wouldn’t have noticed the flat on my hurried exit and it would have been a big disaster. I simply drove the couple of blocks to his work, he called up the garage door service and they opened the garage door that badly needed a garage door repair, we aired up my tire, and I was on my way! Thanks, Dad!
  • The Le Leche League group I attend once a month, for listening to me talk about my suspicions that Wesley has a maxillary lip tie. One of the girls from the LLL meeting gave me the name of an ENT to look up to see if I can get Wesley evaluated and possibly have the lip tie snipped. Perhaps this will solve our nursing problems? WE SHALL SEE. I’m just glad I have support!

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  • Caity says:

    I hear you on the laundry. I have been going to the laundromat for a few years now. First in NY and now here in NZ. It can get a bit annoying. I bet it’s even worse when you’re washing baby clothes, too.

    You should make a video of Wesley saying whale. I bet that’s adorable. OMG.

  • BreAnna says:

    That is great news about the possible lip tie. Well not great news that he has it, but great news that there is something you can do that would help.
    Thanks for making lists with me! I look forward to reading your’s every week :)