November 2, 2011 7:57 pm

Halloween 2011

This year, Wesley was Calvin (& Hobbes) for Halloween! We dressed him in a red and navy blue striped shirt and dark pants, and spiked his hair. (This was actually much less successful than I had envisioned it, because his hair is so curly! If you gel it, it turns into ringlets that want to lay flat against his head instead of straight spikes.) Oh well, it worked well enough!

Calvin & Hobbes Costume

I sewed his treat bag out of flannel at 9pm the night before. Originally, I wanted to make him an actual Hobbes, like this, but then I got freaked out because I am okay at sewing 2D objects, not so much with the 3D, and I have no idea how to translate a sketch on paper into a 3-dimensional animal. I wanted to do it right or not at all. And I couldn’t figure it out in time and then I remembered he needed a treat bag, and voila! I made a Hobbes tote bag!

Hobbes Treat Bag

I used the Simple Tote instructions from Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol, but I made both the straps the same length. I freehanded all the appliqued shapes on the front and then drew on the mouth with a Sharpie. I wanted to embroider it, but Wesley was already sleeping and all my embroidery stuff was in his room, and it would have taken longer and I didn’t have the time to spare. Plus, 1.5-year-olds don’t care anyway.

Calvin & Hobbes Costume

He did pretty well with trick-or-treating, except he wouldn’t say anything (“trick-or-treat” was “deet-deet” but he only said it for us) and didn’t seem to have any idea what we were doing. We pulled him in a red wagon though, and he loved the wagon ride, so there‚Äôs that.

(Here’s last year’s costume, for OMG-my-baby-is-huge-now reference.)

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