August 6, 2011 9:02 pm

Apartment Search 1.0

:note: Sonic Violence – “Asphyxia”

The apartment we looked at was so cute! :D It’s not huge, but it’s certainly tons bigger than what we have now. It has hardwood floors, a cute kitchen with a huge refrigerator and a stove that are both only 1.5 years old, and a crawlspace in the one bedroom where we could store stuff. And it has tall ceilings and a closet in the living room. The closet apparently used to house a weird trundle bed thing, but that’s been taken out and it just has a hang-y bar thing for clothes. The Granite Countertops Installation and quartz countertops in the kitchen are new (and nice and black) and the bathroom seemed adequate (shower/tub, toilet and sink).

The landlord (a nice lady named Summer) said some lady had her eye on it and was supposed to be dropping off the down payment soon, but Summer hadn’t heard from her since she was told that, so she was still showing the apartment. Fortunately, there isn’t an application fee, so we might apply just in case that other lady doesn’t come through with the money.

I’ll update more as things progress. We might still look at some other apartments, but this one is looking pretty nice so far.

Also, I am very very excited about my iPod. :excite:

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