June 29, 2011 11:21 am

15 Months

Wesley turned 15 months old on the 25th, and a few days later came down with some kind of horrible virus. He has a low-grade fever (100-101°F) and a full-body rash that’s the worst on his thighs and bumcheeks. He’s refusing to nurse and won’t nap for more than an hour. Night before last, he slept for a grand total of one hour between 9pm and 3:30am. You’d rock him to sleep, get up to transfer him, and as soon as you neared his crib he would wake up and you’d have to do it all over again except it wouldn’t work and he’d just scream and scream. Fun times!


Wesley learned to walk on Father’s Day! We were messing around and set him up to walk, not expecting him to actually do it, and then he did! And then he did it some more that evening! He is not very excited about walking and still vastly prefers crawling as a means of transportation, but he can make it about eight feet by himself.


I found him a baby-sized rocking chair at an antiques warehouse sale last week and he LOVES IT. He likes climbing, sitting, rocking, and playing in it. I had considered purchasing it, so I let him sit in it and then every time I tried to remove it from his grasp he SQUEEEEEALED in horror so I was sort of forced to buy it. It’s adorable and I am going to paint it a beautiful shade of aqua called “aged agean.”


He can do all sorts of tricks now. He knows:
Superbaby (arms forward like Superman)
Earmuffs (hands over ears)
Hands up / How big is the baby?
Body parts: teeth, nose, tummy, tongue, leg, bellybutton
Freak out (close eyes, scrunch face, wave arms back and forth)


I think he might have some words now too, but it’s hard to tell. He understands SO MUCH of what we say but he is not particularly keen on repeating anything or saying his own words. For heaven’s sake, he understands “pterodactyl” but won’t say “mama.” I think he knows dog (“dah!”) and duck (“dat!”) and possibly fan (“daph!”). Sometimes he says “DA!” for Dada, too. He will point to the light, our wok, a clock, etc. if you ask him where it is. I think he also understands that a cow says moo, but instead of saying moo he makes a raspberry-like buzzing noise with his lips.


Box lunch

Being back in town with family around has been great – I’m able to call my mother-in-law and say “Wesley is splashing around in the baby pool – he wants to know if you can come hang out?” and she can ride her bike over within a few minutes. (We live two blocks away.) I love being able to call a friend (who lives a block away) to go on walks with the babies. My mom can stop by after work to check out Wesley’s weird viral pox problem if I need her to. That said, I miss my Portland friends terribly and can’t wait to visit. But things are good.

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  • Have you considered chicken pox? Derek got it when he was 2…. I know they vaccinate but it does still happen.

  • Meggan says:

    I have… but it doesn’t look anything like chicken pox. I think it’s some variant of hand-foot-mouth disease or some other generic fever/rash type thing.

  • Poor guy, and poor you. I hope he is feeling better soon, and that you get some rest!

  • BreAnna says:

    Yay! An update!
    I hope he recovers from his rash/illness soon. That sounds miserable for everyone involved.
    His new tricks and little chair sound adorable. Also, I couldn’t help but laugh that he knows the word pterodactyl but won’t say mama. I’m sure mama will be one of his next words. :)

  • Jem says:

    Poor little man, hope he gets well soon :(

    Isabel’s words come in bursts. She will just turn around and come out with 20 new things she learned. IIRC 17-18 months was a massive turning point there. So yeah, I wouldn’t be too surprised if in a couple of months Wesley knows way more :D

  • Melissa says:

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for an update!

    I hope little Wesley’s fever and rash clear up soon. Andrew had a random fever of 104 and no other symptoms for a few days two weeks ago and the doctor didn’t know what the heck it was. It’ took a few days to go away, but was very, very odd.

    About the words – Andrew is 18.5 months and still barely says anything. We’ll get the occasional “mama”, “dada” and he also knows “baby” and “blue”, but that’s really it. He seems to understand everything we say, but almost acts embarrassed when we try to get him to say any of the words he knows. I can guarantee the pediatrician will say something about it when we go in for his well visit, but I’m really not too worried. I think it’s somewhat normal for boys to be a little late in the talking game. Right now, he’d rather work on learning to jump than talk :D

  • Verity says:

    Your Portland friends miss you!! So fun reading all your updates. I love that Wesley knows what a pterodactyl is :) Ha!

    On a side note, we’ve been calling our brown cat “My Friend, My Bear” (previously we were calling him “Wid Bear”).

    Hope to see you guys soon! :)