February 14, 2011 4:04 pm

Silly Things

  • I accidentally fed Wesley bites of straight-up jam instead of baby food this weekend
    SOMEBODY (Daniel) decided to put jam in a baby food jar for some unspecified reason, and said jam looks identical to the apple-blueberry-mango food we made for Wesley. After his first few bites, I noticed the texture was… off somehow, and tasted it myself, and lo! Jam! So Wesley got some prunes + oatmeal instead.
  • I was an accidental creeper late at night
    Sometimes when I am up at night, I can’t tell if Daniel is also awake or not so I peer at his face to see whether he is awake. The other night, I was staring at his face pretty crazy-like trying to determine whether or not his eyes were open. Turns out they were, and he looked at me like I was insane and then we both burst out laughing. Whoops.
  • Wesley is apparently terrified of my feet
    I had to console him yesterday after I wiggled my toes in his presence. It visibly startled him and he burst into tears, and after a bit of trial and error I determined that he was absolutely petrified of my exposed feet. I asked him if he would prefer I put on some socks, and after doing so he was still suspicious but gave my socked-foot a poke and didn’t cry. Not sure why my feet seem so scary. Babies are weird.

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