February 3, 2011 8:25 pm

The Incident Report

A week ago, poor Mister Wesley had his first incident report at daycare. It reads as follows:

Wesley was cruising along the wall. He fell when transferring from table to crib. He smacked the right side of his face on the white floor. I put ice on it and gave him extra loves. He returned to playing.

Daniel picked him up later that afternoon and then came to get me at work, and when he told me I was like OMG MY POOR BABY!!! He had a small bruise on his cheek, but was otherwise fine.

The bruise is finally gone now, but man! I guess he totally biffed it and didn’t even put his hands out to catch himself – he’s still learning how to fall gracefully. He just kind of… lets go of things, and hopes something will break his fall.

In other news, he finally learned how to crawl! It’s still not a typical both-knees-both-hands crawl, but he can go FAST when he wants to!

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  • Melissa says:

    What a tough little man! Haha. There will be plenty of other bruises to follow!

    And yay to him finally learning to crawl! Andrew did the one-legged thing for awhile, too.