November 23, 2010 9:57 pm

Pull to Standing

Wesley would like you to see his new trick:

He’s been great at pulling himself up with our help, so today I started letting him try it himself. He did great!


This morning was a comedy of errors – I decided to skip breakfast so we could catch the early bus downtown (so I could get to work early so that I could leave early) and vaguely remembered daycare telling me to call before we showed up just to make sure they were still open. (It was super cold, kind of icy, and had snowed a weeeeensy bit the night before.) I did not call. I had looked outside and noted that it was sunny and completely clear, so – being from north Idaho – I could not IMAGINE why they would be closed.

We arrived at daycare at 7:45 only to be told that they were closed until 8am. Fortunately, we could wait inside and they just asked us to hang out with the babies until the teachers arrived to take over. I stayed until about 8:05 which meant that instead of skipping breakfast and rushing out the door, I could have just eaten a nice bowl of cereal and caught the later bus and not had to wait at all.

Thank goodness they weren’t planning on being closed all day because I really didn’t have a contingency plan. I could have showed up to the office with him in tow and tried to make it work, or just showed up long enough to get my computer so I could work from home, I suppose, but I hadn’t really thought about what to do if they had actually been closed for real.

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  • gretchen says:

    Glad you didn’t have to come up with a back-up plan. Most things are closed around here for the last couple of days due to snow and cold. I forget most locals are not used to snow.

    I’m proud of Wesley too! What hard work and a great laugh! I miss you guys.

  • the grumbles says:

    he is so damned proud of himself! go Wesley!!