November 12, 2010 7:35 pm

White Noise

One thing that seems to help Wesley sleep better is white noise. We use ALL the time. It has the funniest effect on him, too – it’s like pressing a pause button on his crying. He can be very, very sad and if you sit down at the computer and turn on the white (well, technically we use the “brown” variety) noise, he will instantly go quiet. It’s like it helps him reset internally.

Have you spotted the problem with this solution to sadness yet?

It’s a website. Meaning we have to be at a computer to use it. (We do not have iPhones.) So in the middle of the night if Wesley has a weird crying jag and isn’t calmed by nursing or using his binky, we have to get out of bed and go sit in front of the computer until he falls back asleep. No good. However! We thought of a plan to fix this.

Our solution was twofold:

1. Download the MP3 from SimplyNoise for a small donation. (Funny story: Daniel and I each donated and downloaded the brown noise file today on accident without telling the other, so we spent a total of $1.16 on two copies of the same file. Oh well.) We could then put this brown noise file on our iPod(s).

2. Purchase an iPod dock. I’m actually unclear why we didn’t own one already as they are very handy, but Daniel bought one for us today and it’s so great!

We put Wesley to bed about a half-hour ago and I just went in and turned on the noise for him, and I’m really hoping it helps him sleep better. I will report back if it seems to make a difference!

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