November 11, 2010 9:14 pm

The Hoarding of the Oat Squares

I can’t start my day without breakfast. (Well, I can, but it makes me miserable.) I typically have a bowl of cereal and eat it while I peruse my RSS reader and read new posts.

One of my most favorite cereals to eat is Oat Squares. Problem is, they are RIDICULOUSLY expensive at our local grocery store. We are talking $4.60 for a measly box of cereal. That’s almost FIVE DOLLARS a box. Obscene!

Recently, our grocery store had a sale for $2 boxes of Oat Squares. (“Twoooooo dollarrrrrrrrs!”) I was so excited! We bought a few and ate them almost immediately. So we bought more. And ate those. And bought some more and ate those too. And then Daniel decided to stock up and bought like eight boxes. And after eating some of those, he noticed that the sale was almost over and bought several more boxes.

So! Now we look like crazy Oat Square cereal hoarders but we should be well stocked for a while.

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  • gretchen says:

    Ha! Now you get it when I was crazy stocking up woman at Fred Myers and TJ’s on my visits. Remember when I bought 6 boxes of raisin bran? Good cheaper snacks, vino and all sorts of yummy stuff…the closest is 100 miles, haven’t had it in months. Thanks for all the pictures. Love you!

  • Lucy says:

    Ha! I know just what you mean. The non-mainstream cereals I remember fondly from childhood (not *that* long ago) disappeared one by one but now they are back – in smaller boxes at much inflated prices. “Puffed Wheat” and “Shredded Wheat” for example (the latter is now called “Buds” and has an inner layer of squished sultanas). I am still waiting for the return of something I remember as “Good Os”, except that’s a dog food, so obviously that’s not its name. Kinda like Cheerios, but kinda not. Sigh. :dep:

  • Meagan says:

    I LOVE that you are posting every day! It makes my day! Any tips on how to get the Roan man to sleep in his crib? He absolutely refuses. Right now I’m watching him use it as a jungle gym while he should be taking a nap:)

  • Rose says:

    What about Shreddies??? :P

  • Meggan says:

    Shreddies! They are hard to hoard though, being from another country and all.