November 1, 2010 2:38 pm

The Sickness

In stark contrast to the previous weekend, this last weekend was great! We didn’t try to do too much on Saturday, just got coffee/chai, so we could hole up at home and just hang out.

Yesterday, once Wesley went down for his morning nap, he slept for THREE HOURS. This is… unusual. Lately he’s been napping for shorter lengths, 45 minutes or an hour, so I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. I ended up writing a bunch of stuff in his baby book and putting a million photos into a photo album, as well as clean up the sewing mess from Halloween and taking a shower.

He was hot when he woke up, but he often is. I didn’t think too much of it until I talked to Daniel at the end of his shift and he said Wesley probably had a fever since he was pretty sure he had one – he just felt “off” all day and felt freezing cold but was burning up. I took Wesley’s temperature and, sure enough, 101.4. Poor little bub.

Daniel came home from work and looked DREADFUL. He kept falling asleep on the couch (at 7pm!) so I sent him to bed, put Wesley to sleep, got some stuff ready for work and went to bed myself.

Today, Daniel is still dreadful and is having someone cover his shift. We kept Wesley home from daycare to recover and not infect others, but OMG. Remind me never to do this again. Solo parenting a sick baby while working from home while your compatriot is napping it off in the other room is NO FUN AT ALL. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

It’s a good thing they are both cute.

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