September 13, 2010 1:30 pm

Surprise Vacation

Over Labor Day weekend, Daniel and Wesley and I decided to surprise our families and make an unannounced trip to Idaho! Despite my parents and my brother and his girlfriend and baby going on a camping trip, we had a great time and definitely surprised everyone.

We left Thursday after I got off work, so at midnight we had made it about halfway and decided to get a hotel room and continue the drive in the morning. (We’ve powered through it once, but that was pre-baby and it wasn’t very fun that time around either.) The only two rooms the stupid hotel had left were both smoking, so we chose the king-size bed and turned the air purifier on high and opened the window all the way. Fortunately, the pillows/bedding smelled fine so I was able to sleep okay and not freak out about third-hand smoke harming my baby (or either of us).

(Edited to add: Also, THANK YOU to those of you who chimed in on my most recent post. You were all very helpful. I am pretty sure I can see two tiny teeth coming in now that weren’t visible before, so *ding ding ding* teething seems to have been the answer. He is still occasionally sad at feedings but NOTHING like what he was doing before, so we seem to be past the worst of it for now. I heart the internet.)

Some photos from the trip below:

Rocket Swing
Wesley pilots the rocketship swing outside my parents’ house.

We had noticed he was nearly there, but that weekend he really started sitting by himself. He still needs a pillow around him in case he falls, but he’s usually very steady.

Grandpa Ed and Wesley
We’ve noticed Wesley seems to be afraid of beards, and Grandpa Ed was no exception. He warms up eventually but he is not a fan of beards right away.

Wesley and Cousin Riley
Wesley got to play with his cousin Riley and only got injured once. (Lost his balance while sitting and fell face-first into a toy steering wheel. Brother should have caught him but didn’t/missed; I managed to catch the whole thing on video on accident because he wasn’t falling when I hit record. Mother of the year, for sure.)

Wesley and Roan
Wesley is a week older than Roan, but you’d never know it. That kid is a TANK. Roan cracks me up.

Wesley and Hi-Kid
Hi-kid is always so much fun to visit and clearly gets a kick out of hanging out with Wesley.

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