July 31, 2010 8:35 pm

Awesome things I have seen recently


There are so many wonderful things about this print. Elephants! Octopus! Narwhal! Walrus!
$40 from octophant.us.

Dueling Talking Carls

I’ve had a wallpaper of Carl as my computer background for a while, so when I saw this I immediately had to play it. Daniel and I were in hysterics by the end as it just gets more and more bizarre and funny as it goes on. Sound required!

Taga Bike Stroller

Fascinating! It’s like an inverse tricycle and it can fold up into a stroller. I think Daniel wants one.
$1495 from Tagabikes.com.

Birthday Cake from Hagrid

I made this cake today. Basically, I really just wanted a chocolate cake, but since today is Harry Potter’s birthday I figured I’d dork out and frost it like Hagrid’s cake.

Harry's birthday cake from Hagrid

See the movie version of the Hagrid Birthday Cake

Shabby Streamside Studio

A perfect little gingerbread house! It’s only 125 square feet and has no kitchen or heat. I find the entire interior awe-inspiring and adorable, like a real-life fairy tale house. I would have loved this as a teenager. (Hell, who am I kidding? I love it now.)

Read more at the owner’s blog, My Shabby Streamside Studio.

Owl Bookends


I randomly received a catalog for this company in the mail, and I basically either actively disliked or felt neutral about every single thing in the catalog except this, and now I am convinced I need owl bookends.
$39 from Company Kids.

Anything totally awesome you’ve found recently?

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  • BreAnna says:

    Adam does the dueling Talking Carl thing with our phones. He actually downloaded it on his for that very purpose (I had it on my phone to entertain the little ones).
    I’m glad you were able to celebrate Harry’s birthday with a delicious cake! You majorly scored in the cake department last week. ;)