July 5, 2010 9:50 am

Wesley, 3 Months

I was in the process of writing some soggy ol’ post about how I’m upset about the extra baby weight I’m carrying (on top of the weight I should have lost pre-pregnancy) but it got really maudlin and, well… I was irritating myself. So instead I will write about Wesley.


He is learning to grab for toys now, which makes him infinitely more interesting to hang out with. He can hang on to the toy and wave it around and sometimes he tries to bring it to his mouth.

My hippo

He kind of tries laughing sometimes, but often in the process he gets confused halfway through and starts coughing, which sometimes makes him cry. Laughing is hard.


I find him irresistably cute and often try to munch on his cheeks. (Wouldn’t you?)

He is also learning that he can make noises! Mostly it’s “ahh-ooo” or this weird inward-suction of air “WHEEP” noise.

He’s great on public transit and doesn’t irritate other passengers. Hilariously, more people have offered me a seat in the last WEEK with him than they did the entire duration of my pregnancy. (Although, as I had suspected, I think a lot of people just didn’t realize I was pregnant. My favorite transit driver EVER saw me with Wesley and when I got on asked, “Heh, so… wait. When did that happen?!?” and when I said the end of March, he was like, “Oh wow! I… I didn’t even realize!” SO HAH. I was right. Perhaps the whole of Portland are not jerks and are instead just oblivious.)

He also really likes being in the wrap. That’s how we usually transport him; obviously if we’re taking the car he’s in his carseat, but I’m struggling to envision a situation in which it would be easier to have him in a stroller versus the wrap. Maybe for an extended walk, so it doesn’t wreck my back or something, but usually it’s easier to just throw on the wrap and go.

Baby at the zoo

People always ask me how he’s sleeping or “Hah, so are you getting any sleep?” and I usually answer that we’re not doing too bad. I mean, he doesn’t sleep through the night or anything, but he usually wakes up at 11, 1:30, and 3:30am to eat and goes right back to sleep. I think part of this is because we’re co-sleeping (shhh…) so neither one of us really wakes up fully when he eats and I don’t have to jostle him around too much or take him from his warm bed to a cold, hard chair or anything.

We’re having lots of fun with baby Wesley. He’s waking up from a nap now and needs to be fed, so off I go!

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  • Caity says:

    Aww he is so adorable! I love his little smile. That is so funny about the train. I’m glad people are nice and offer you their seats. It’s glad to have your faith restored a bit in humanity, isn’t it?

  • becca says:

    I don’t know if this will be reassuring or not, but I hope it is– it took me forever to lose the baby weight. Particularly with Addie. She was a year old, then two years old, and I was still holding onto the last five to ten pounds. Don’t beat yourself up about it– it’s SO normal, and we’ve all been there.

    On the plus side: AGH HE SOOO CUTE. ^^ Elias watched the video like three times. He loves your son.

  • gem says:

    Aaaaw! Wesley is supremely cute. I especially love the bit about laughing being hard. Love.