June 16, 2010 10:35 am

Our New Routine

6am: Wake up, either from baby or alarm clock. Feed baby.

6:20: Get out of bed. Assess hair situation.

6:25: Get dressed, put on makeup, address hair situation.

6:40: Wake up baby (if not already awake), change and dress baby

6:45: Frantically locate all empty pumping bottles and throw into pump bag, make sure I have a lunch, grab some frozen milk for Wesley and put it in my milk cooler, locate and pack clean bottle sent home from daycare

7am: Horf a bowl of cereal while baby plays in swing. Tie Moby wrap.

7:10: Zoom out the door to take public transit to daycare.

7:15: Board public transit.

7:20: Wesley attempts to fall asleep but gets frustrated and starts making bad faces and writhing around, occasionally losing his binky and making me super nervous that I am going to be the embarrassed mother in a confined space with a screaming baby.

7:25: Wesley falls asleep.

7:35: Arrive at daycare and sign Wesley in.

7:40: Put milk in freezer, leave Moby wrap for when Daniel picks Wesley up, fill out his eating/sleeping sheet.

7:45: Smooch Wesley, tell him I love him and I hope he has a good day, tickle his toes and pinch his fat cheeks and try to ignore the sound of my heart breaking and the way my throat is closing up and my eyes are tearing up and book it out of there.

7:50: Walk to transit stop, re-board public transit.

8am: Arrive at work.

8am-5pm: work work work pump work work pump work work pump work work work

5:05: Leave work. If it’s a Monday, re-board public transit at stop outside of work. If it is not a Monday, walk five blocks to the other stop I use.

5:15: (Monday) De-board public transit and walk to daycare. (Non-Monday) Board public transit and ride home.

5:20: (Monday) Arrive at daycare, grab Wesley and give him lots of smooches, feel bad about setting him down again so I can tie the Moby. Collect used bottles and try to wedge them in my overstuffed backpack.

5:30: (Monday) Leave daycare and board public transit. (Non-Monday) Arrive at home to see Wesley and Daniel. Give Wesley lots of smooches.

6pm-7pm: Eat dinner, feed Wesley, wonder where the day went.

7:30-8pm: Wesley falls asleep. Stare at him and his fat cheeks and marvel at how he seems larger than when I left him that morning.

9:30: Remember that I need to take a shower. Also remember that I need to put my pumped milk into freezer bags so I can use the bottles for tomorrow. Then remember that I meant to pack a lunch and put my clothes out as well. Panic.

9:35: Shower, hoping Wesley doesn’t wake up screaming with hunger.

9:50: Finish shower, put on jammies.

10pm: Start to assemble lunch. Wesley wakes up hungry. Feed Wesley.

10:30: Continue assembling lunch. Attempt to do math to partition pumped milk into appropriate amounts for freezing. Talk Daniel into doing math instead.

10:45: Grab some clothes for tomorrow. Remember Wesley needs clothes too. Search for pants that don’t make a tourniquet around his fat belly. Realize we desperately need to do laundry.

11pm: Partition milk into freezer bags and place in freezer. Place pump in backpack and set the washed and drying pump parts and daycare bottles in VERY OBVIOUS PLACE on counter so as to not forget them in the morning.

11:15: Realize hair is horrible Medusa-esque mess since it air dried post-shower. Decide to blow dry it to save time in the morning.

11:25: Decide I really should be in bed.

11:40: Actually make it to bed.

12pm-6am: Sleep. Feed baby. Sleep. Feed baby. Sleep.

6am: Wake up and start it all over again.

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  • Erin says:

    That was stressful just to read. I bought two sets of pumping bottles to make it easier on myself. C’est la vie!

  • Melissa says:

    What a busy day!

    Did your pump come with special bottles? The pump I rented form the hospital did, but I quickly figured out that regular bottles also fit and I could pump into those as well (then refrigerate and feed directly to baby whenever needed). Made things a lot easier with not having to clean a bottle every time I pumped.

  • Meggan says:

    So, I have a Medela Pump-in-style Advanced that my dear cousin was nice enough to give to me, and it came with 4 Medela bottles (w/o the nipples, just the lids). I also have a few tinier bottles that the lactation consultant from the hospital gave me, so I have more than enough bottles for a given day but I do need to wash them at night so I can reuse them the next day.

    The actual drinking-milk-at-daycare bottles we use aren’t standard sized; I wanted to get ones that mimicked breastfeeding as much as possible so we use Nuby SoftFlex ones and they wouldn’t fit my pump.

    I freeze the milk primarily because it lasts longer… I probably could just refrigerate but it’d take up more room and be a little harder to transport.

  • Caitlin says:

    You’re SUCH a stud!

  • Nicole says:

    The good news about all of this is that your weekends will probably feel even more heavenly than they ever have in the past :)