May 25, 2010 9:47 pm



Wesley had his two-month well baby checkup today! Here are his stats:

  • 12lbs 8oz – 75th percentile
  • 24″ long – 85th percentile
  • 39cm head circumference – 28th percentile

Daniel helpfully pointed out that Wesley is already 40% of my height. In short, we have a tall, fat baby with a small head. And we love him dearly.

He also got his vaccinations today and I feel terrible for him, poor little munchkin. He got two shots in one leg, one shot in the other, and had an oral dose of one as well. He’s been making the most pitiful little noises all evening and crying anytime you shift his position.


I’m hoping he feels better soon.


Daniel and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary on Monday. I can’t believe it’s been almost NINE YEARS we’ve been together. That’s practically a third of my lifetime!

We went out to dinner at a new restaurant called Irving Street Kitchen and really enjoyed it. The owner (and many of the employees) come into the coffeeshop where Daniel works, and as part of the restaurant’s opening, the owner invited the baristas to enjoy a dinner on him. It was delicious! I started with the biscuits and ham appetizer and had the Chinook salmon for my entree. Daniel had the Bibb lettuce salad and then the vegetable ragout. I got chocolate cake for dessert and Daniel had rhubarb cobbler that came with corn johnnycakes and strawberry ice cream. YUM.

(Wesley came with us and actually slept through most of dinner. I gave him a bottle of breastmilk toward the end, but I don’t think it agreed with him and he spit up several times during the rest of the evening. I went to change his diaper before dessert, but once I entered the restroom I realized there was no changing table. So did what I could and changed him on the floor of the large stall (on a changing pad) where he spit up and then peed on his feet. And spit up again when I was washing my hands. Sad. He was kind of a mess by the time we left. Content, but a mess.)

The people at the restaurant were happy to see us and we really did have a great time. The aesthetic in there is super cool – lots of wood and neat lighting. Go visit!

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  • Melissa says:

    Wow, it seems like you were writing about him being a month old just the other day I can’t believe how heavy he is! Andrew has always been so skinny and is only two pounds more than Wesley right now. He hasn’t been near the 50th percentile in anything!

    It’s so sad when they have to get shots. Andrew had a little fever after his second round and slept the whole day. We felt so bad for him.

    About the changing tables in restrooms – I never paid much attention to them before I had a baby, but now it seems like I can never find a changing table anywhere when I’m out. It’s kind of ridiculous. Why should we have to get down an the dirty restroom floor to change our babies? It’s so gross to me.

    And happy two year wedding anniversary!