May 5, 2010 8:31 pm

Six Weeks Postpartum

I had my six-week postpartum checkup today and I have several things to report.

Thing the first

Edited to add: In the interest of full disclosure, I began thinking that this 60lbs thing was too good to be true, and I hopped on our (admittedly inaccurate) home scale and discovered a horrible discrepancy. The number the doctor’s scale gave me was 30lbs off from what our home scale told me. SO! Perhaps I was not as awesome as I thought. DANG. Still sort of awesome (I am MORE than happy with a 30lb weight loss) but… I felt dishonest not mentioning what I discovered today. (Argh.) (I don’t know what may have happened with the dr’s scale – perhaps it needs recalibration?)

I have lost all of my pregnancy weight, plus two pounds. This is nothing short of amazing, and no one is more surprised or delighted than me. Historically, I have a very very easy time gaining weight and an incredibly difficult time losing weight. Pre-delivery, I kept telling people that I would be happy to lose ANYTHING after having the baby. One pound would have made me happy – that’s how hard it is for me to lose weight. I didn’t even have the goal of losing the weight of the actual BABY.

To put this in perspective: I gained 60lbs while pregnant. This is roughly twice the recommended amount, but I swear that I did not do anything out of the ordinary – my body is just very good at packing on pounds. I lost 30lbs by two weeks, most of which was water weight because I was so grossly swollen by the end. And then through the power of magic and breastfeeding, I lost another 30 pounds in the following month.

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Thing the second

Before you come after me with pitchforks and torches, I am still in my maternity jeans. I may be slightly lighter than I was pre-pregnancy, but I am much larger and differently shaped. I tried on my favorite pair of black pants yesterday and managed to get them up, but was unable to even consider zipping or buttoning them. I am going to have to figure out what my new size is and try to find some relatively inexpensive pants before I go back to work in six (short) weeks. This is the reason why I’m also looking into surgeries like this mommy makeover in Beverly HIlls, CA or tummy tuck in Chicago, IL and even getting a vaginal rejuvenation with eSSe Plastic Surgery just to get back my body pre-pregnancy. If you’re like me, you can visit sites like for additional guidance.

Thing the third

I got an IUD today; specifically, the Mirena. Insertion was not the most pleasant thing I’ve experienced, but it was less painful than the cervical checks I had during labor and felt mostly like an extended pap smear. I’m interested to see how I feel about the Mirena – I like the idea of not having to think about birth control, but I do worry that it’ll mess with my body or my moods or something. I usually tolerate hormones pretty well, but you never know.

Thing the fourth

We got Wesley this swing and I am happy to note that it arrived in the mail today. I wanted to wait to get that kind of baby gadget so we knew if he was the sort of baby that liked swings or hated them, and after we set it up and tried it out I’m confident that we’ll get a lot of use out of it. I like that it’s not super loudly-colored like most baby gadgets.

In fact, he is having so much fun in it, he is refusing to go to sleep right now. Heh.

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  • Cristina says:

    OMG I know what you mean about being stoked to lose even a pound. I too gain weight so easily so getting anything off is a BIG success. But 60lbs? Holy poop that’s AWESOME!!

    About your birth control, what were you on before baby? I’ve been on the pill for 5 years now, and can’t really imagine doing anything else, especially IUD. I dunno, the other forms of BC just kinda creep me out.

    Yay I am glad to hear things are going well. I meeeeesss you!

  • Veronica says:

    Wow 60lbs… that’s freaking awesome! Congrats!

  • Melissa says:

    Wow, congrats on the weight loss! I’m still struggling to shed the pounds.

    I think twice now about putting a swing on our registry. Naturally, because we have it, Andrew doesn’t like it that much. We’ve only used it a handful of times. It’s kind of a hit or miss thing. He’s like that with everything, though.

    Wesley looks so cute in the Bumbo seat!

  • Vixx says:

    Swings are worth their weight in gold. Seriously!

    That’s so amazing about the weight loss, Meggan. Although 60lbs in 6 weeks? OMG. Hope you’re taking care of yourself!

    Finally, coincidentially I had the Mirena fitted myseld three weeks ago, although it’s for my Endometriosis (and to put off a hysterectomy) rather than contraception. The fitting was horrendous and took over half an hour (but I have a tilted/awkward cervix, so kind of expected that), and have bled consistently every day since. I’m to expect a further few months of this, but right now I feel pretty crappy. :/

    V xx

  • Erin says:

    60 pounds? Holy mackeral! That’s crazy!

    I know what you mean about being differently shaped after. I kept all my pre-pregnancy pants and at five months post I still can’t fit into them. So I’m accepting my new shape and now I need to go get new pants too. I’m more disappointed because I had pants that I LOVED that I have to donate now.

  • Christine says:

    Congrats!!!!!!!! That must feel good :) I’ve been sweating at the gym every week for over a year now and I’ve barely changed at all ~_~

    Just to give some positive feedback for the Mirena, I’ve had mine for 2 and a half years now and I love it. My insertion was also unpleasant and they actually had to force my cervix open a bit to get it in (i’ve never had children). I spotted randomly for a month or so but by the three month mark i was regular and my periods were sooooooo much lighter. My cramps were also greatly reduced (i used to have incredibly bad lower back pain w/ periods). By the two year mark, my periods are just a few days of light spotting, and it’s fantastic. I feel healthy and safe and i feel none of the hormonal imbalance stuff i felt on the pill, or the unpleasant weight gain, or the stress involved in taking it every day! (i have a bad memory). I hope it works out just as awesome for you! ^^

  • Crissy says:

    Oh, the swing is vital!