March 24, 2010 5:02 pm

37 Weeks – Actually Inducing

For real this time. I do have pre-eclampsia, but I managed to keep my numbers steady enough over the weekend (with NSTs on Friday and Sunday and a few more 24-hour urine tests and bloodwork) that they felt comfortable enough to let me keep my appointment on Tuesday.

When I went in yesterday I had the same midwife that called me on Wednesday. I still think she’s a little more trigger-happy than the other ladies, but the message I got was that since I’ve basically hit full-term and my numbers are still crap, there’s really not any benefit to waiting. Baby needs to come out! As such, they made me an appointment in the hospital for 8am.

Last night was kind of weird… it still didn’t feel real. I didn’t sleep very well and I told Daniel it was like waiting for Christmas, except a SCARY Christmas, with less presents and more helpless infants.

We took a while getting out the door but made it to our appointment more or less on time. I got monitored for a while and then they gave me misoprostol at about 9:30am to get things started. Right around my second dose at 12:30pm or so, I started feeling some contractions.

My nurse is really nice and is a Harry Potter fan. I told her I brought one of the books and she looked horrified and said, “YOU HAVEN’T READ THEM?” and I was like, “Oh good lord, of course I’ve read them, I’m RE-reading them.” and she was like, “Oh good. I was going to wonder what was wrong with you.” Hahaha!

Hospital food here tastes fine (good, even!) but the portions are so SKIMPY. I felt like a cow ordering several items for both Daniel and I (sneaky!) and come to find out, it was a totally reasonable amount of food for one person. Their French Toast? ONE PIECE. Of normal, Wonderbread-sized bread. One piece! I was so much hungrier than one piece of French Toast! I had a weensy bowl of soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, plus some pears and chocolate milk. Exciting!

Contractions so far are just uncomfortable, sometimes verging on painful depending on their length/severity. It feels like bad period cramps. Baby is still kind of in a weird position – they called it “oblique” (scroll down to “Lying Around”) and this is exactly how it feels like he’s sitting. He’s head-down, but he’s a weensy bit sideways so his head is more or less sitting on my hip bone. He could still move down into my pelvis, especially once I start active labor, so nobody’s concerned yet. It does make contractions feel weirder on that side though – if it does hurt, that’s the area where it hurts.

That’s about where we are at the moment. I’ll get another update at about 7pm when they check me again. I might get Cervidil and then we’ll wait and see how that goes. If that’s the case, they’ve also ordered me an Ambien so I can get a good night’s sleep, and I’ll probably get Pitocin in the morning. No real idea when things might really get going.

That said, unless something drastically changes, my next post here might be introducing Baby! Eeep!

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