March 5, 2010 11:15 am

34 Weeks

Baby Appointment

Dr’s appointment yesterday didn’t offer a lot of great news – my blood pressure is elevated (140/90, up from 140/76 two weeks ago) so they want me to come back in Monday for another blood pressure check just to make sure it’s not continuing to go up.

I don’t seem to be spilling any protein in my urine or having any hand/face swelling or dizziness, so I don’t think I have preeclampsia, but they want to err on the safe side. Right now, I’m hoping for two things:

  1. Blood pressure either stays the same or goes down. I really, really don’t want it to go up. This also contributes quite a bit (I think, anyway) to the foot swelling so any improvement here would be welcome.
  2. I continue to not have protein in my urine. The midwife mentioned something about maybe doing a 24-hour sample collect, where you have to keep all your urine for 24 hours in a jug and then bring it in so they can test it. DO NOT WANT.

I keep joking with Daniel that he’s going to start feeding me only salads and gruel to try to keep my BP down. Somehow I get the impression that he is considering it.

They also wheeled in a terrifically ancient-looking ultrasound machine to verify Baby’s position, because at this point, they really should be head-down to prepare for labor. Just to be difficult, Baby was transverse. Argh.

Daniel gave him a pep talk to try to get him to turn, and I’ve been hanging out in Cat Cow to try to give him a bit more room. I have basically no torso so I don’t blame him for stretching out sideways across my tummy, but HEY. BABY. There is this thing called “birth” we have to go through, and best to not make it more difficult than necessary for the both of us. Head: down. Now.

Breastfeeding Class

This went well. I was surprised to discover that I knew several of the points the instructor made just from reading so many parenting blogs over the years. Internet win! We got a book to refer to and lots of handouts, and we practiced some nursing positions with plastic baby dolls.

I made the class giggle during introductions because we were supposed to mention a concern or fear we had regarding breastfeeding and I said I was afraid my boobs would suffocate my baby. And then I turned bright pink, because HELLO, the only person in this room I know is my husband and now I have basically just said hi! My name is Meggan and I have ridiculously large boobs, nice to meet you.


I actually haven’t been doing too poorly in the sleep department, but apparently poor Daniel is being woken up by my outrageously loud breathing and/or snoring. :blush: Whoops. My nose gets kind of snuffly in the evenings so by the time I go to bed I can’t breathe through my nose very well and I guess I make a lot of noise? Occasionally I’ll wake up to him elbowing me but that’s about all I remember.


I just wanted to mention how much I lucked out with Daniel as my husband. He will volunteer to squish my feet if they are painful, he does all our laundry and dishes, handles a lot of the grocery shopping, makes me dinner, and is great about cleaning the apartment.

He is excited about preparing for Baby and wasn’t a bum about going to classes or participating once we were there. This past weekend he told me he’s looking forward to carrying Baby around in a sling, and if I hadn’t already been sitting I would have keeled over from the cuteness.


He turns 25 on Sunday and I am so pleased that I’ve gotten to share the last 9-ish years with him. Love you, Danbob!

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  • Deanna says:

    It sounds like both of you are getting pretty excited for your new family member. It’s not the first time I’ve heard of someone being concerned of smothering their baby with their breasts. I’m sure you don’t have to worry about it lol. My mom says the baby will let you know if it can’t breathe haha. Good luck with everything and I hope the labor goes smoothly!

  • Cristina says:

    I remember when my future sister in-law’s feet were swelled up so bad right before it was determined she had toxemia. At least you’re actually going to the doctor to keep an eye on things whereas I doubt she did. I hope things continue on in a good direction, haha no pun intended with Baby being in the wrong position. ^^

  • Melissa says:

    Husbands like that are the best! I don’t know how I could have gotten through my pregnancy without Ryan. Even when he wasn’t around, he was still awesome.

    When I was breastfeeding, I thought I was going to smother Andrew with my boobs, too. I have to admit that BFing was difficult to get the hang of because I constantly had to hold up my boob because it was so big. It was hard to just relax.

  • Meagan says:

    The Luikens baby is currently posterior, so I too have been spending some good time on my hands and knees. It will all be worth it though! I hope you don’t have to eat gruel, or at least Dan lets you put Starbursts on it!

  • Kaylee says:

    Happy birthday to Daniel! He sounds great ^^

    Your introduction for the breastfeeding class made me laugh :P

  • Caity says:

    I love that picture! Happy Birthday Daniel! I’m sorry that you didn’t get the best news at the Doctor but at least you know and can be proactive about things. Everything will be fine.

    I love your breastfeeding class story, too. Super cute. :)

  • Jem says:

    If I can do it with GG boobies, you can do it too :P

  • Meagan says:

    Okay, we want the scoop; did your blood pressure go down or is it gruel for you young lady? Hope it all went well today!

  • Melissa says:

    Good lord, Jem, and I thought I had big boobs!

  • Kerri Anne says:

    Daniel is quite awesome. But then, so are you. A perfectly awesome pair of parents you shall be!