February 19, 2010 3:58 pm

32 Weeks

I think I am hitting the “uncomfortable” stage of pregnancy.

My feet and ankles retain fluid so easily and I get really frustrated with my chubby feet. It often hurts to circle my ankles or flex my calves because the skin is so tight – it feels like an indian rugburn.

Elevating still helps slightly, and Daniel has been wonderful about giving me footrubs (“foot squishins” in our household) but I’m finding that depending on how I sit afterward it can come back almost instantly. Anytime my leg bends at the knee, especially sitting cross-legged, is DOOOOM for my feet. Plus, they’re super tender! The outside of the tops of my feet feel like they’re bruised.

Several of Baby’s movements are painful now – I often find myself pushing a limb of some sort back at him because whatever he’s doing hurts! It’s not even the kicking, it’s the weird body part lumps that poke out. It’s like having a cat in a pillowcase!

The fatigue-during-walking thing is nearly constant – I gave up trying to take my normal route to work and hop on the bus instead because it’s MUCH less walking. My muscles get really exhausted after about three blocks, it’s sad.

Fortunately, I still feel like I can take in a full breath but I hear that will go away soon too.

(ALL THAT SAID, I really do feel like I am getting off easy in terms of pregnancy woes. I don’t pee myself, I haven’t had any bottom-system problems, and aside from the muscle fatigue and the fatty piggy feet, I usually feel pretty good.)

Trimet win!

This week, someone FINALLY got up for me on the bus. I stepped on and it became immediately clear that I was going to have to stand, so I made my way toward one of the poles to hang on, and then a very nice girl offered me her seat. She was a sweet-looking, 20-something lady and I was so, so grateful.

Then later, this ancient little Asian man got on the bus after grocery shopping, and had clearly misplaced his wallet somewhere. He kept patting all his pants pockets, and then jacket pockets, and then looking through his grocery bags trying to find it. After a few minutes, a kind of skeezy-looking guy handed him a fistful of dollars so he could pay his bus fare. The Asian guy was SO thankful and I just felt so happy that there were two very nice people riding the bus that day.

Other stuffs

Daniel installed the carseat base this week and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. Yay! We are keeping the actual carseat in the house for now but the base is in the car still.

Baby’s heartbeat sounded great at my appointment yesterday. My appointments are always hilariously short because I don’t really have anything wrong with me, so there’s not a lot to talk about. I complain about my feet every time and they just give me the symptoms of preeclampsia to be on the lookout for and send me on my merry way. Meanwhile, I have difficulty GOING DOWN STAIRS because my ankles and the tops of my feet are so fat that they have a hard time bending and it hurts. I’m good about drinking water but perhaps I should go on a salt-avoidance mission?

I have my maternity portraits scheduled for tomorrow and Daniel totally wins the Expectant Father of the Year Award for getting me a pregnancy massage for Valentine’s Day. I scheduled that for this Sunday and I’m hoping it’ll help with the foot problem. Hurrah!

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  • Caity says:

    That was so nice that someone offered you their seat on the bus. I always offer my seat to older people and pregnant women (and also people with little kids). How can you not?

    Sorry you are feeling uncomfortable. :(

    I am so excited!! :star:

  • Melissa says:

    It was always so disappointing how short the appointments were! I was always so excited to go and see how baby and I were progressing, but I was always in and out in 5 minutes and always felt like I should have gotten more out of it!

    I never had any swelling in my feet/ankles until after delivery. I always wondered what the big deal about pregnant people wanting foot massages was and then I found out! Hopefully yours goes away and doesn’t get worse after you have the baby!

  • Erin says:

    Oh man. You are so lucky to have avoided the pee thing! That plagued me both times. My bladder is a slacker during pregnancy. I think I’m reaching TMI territory here. My bad.

    Also, I think it’s charming that those two people were so helpful on the bus. To you and the gentleman who lost his wallet. In these kind of times with horrible things on the news, it’s nice to hear when people are helping each other out. =)