October 30, 2009 2:47 pm

16 Week Appointment

Hurrah! Everything looks great!

Today was the dreaded glucose test, but honestly? WHAT WAS I SO WORRIED ABOUT?!? I think I was just afraid the drink would be syrupy, like trying to drink maple syrup, but it actually just tasted like flat 7-up. (I had the lemon-lime flavor.) Totally not a big deal. It was hard to drink it all in one sitting and MAN that is a lot of sugar to ingest that early in the morning, but I totally overhyped it in my head and it was not that bad.

I didn’t have to get undressed for this appointment so that was a nice plus. They took me into the room and chatted for a bit and then brought out the doppler. Baby was super cooperative and was really easy to find, and the midwife let us listen for a little bit longer than last time. The heartbeat sounds like a whoom-whoom-whoom noise, not the adult-sounding glug-GLUG, glug-GLUG. This is ONE occasion where I kind of wish I had an iPhone so I could record the sound and save it!

Then they had me wait for about 10 minutes so they could test my blood exactly an hour after I finished my glucose drink. They took a few vials (to test for lots of things besides the glucose – things like Rubella and HIV and stuff) and then I got my H1N1 flu shot – they said they were likely to run out so it’s good that I opted to get one today.

Overall, it was a pretty quick appointment, BUT I got the golden ticket – the piece of paper that tells me where and who to call to schedule my ultrasound! Squee! I can schedule it for anytime after November 20. Next appointment at the gynecology clinic was scheduled for December 3 with my gynecologist and they said that’d be great because then they can discuss my ultrasound results with me.

This week’s tummy comparison:

14-16 Week Comparison

Why yes! Hello! Baby should be around the size of an avocado this week (I can’t get over the food comparisons, they are too adorable) but MAN he/she takes up a lot of room for being fruit-sized. My jackets still zip but I think their days are numbered.

I am slowly but surely obtaining wearable maternity clothes, and I wanted to send a HUGE thank you to Amanda, who reminded me that I can wear dresses with leggings (instead of tights!) and has hereby made it possible for me to avoid pants sometimes.

I think maybe, just MAYBE, I have been feeling the baby for a few days. I am not 100% sure, and I told Daniel I was withholding judgment until I start feeling it more consistently, but I swear I felt a somersault a few days ago and occasionally think I feel tiny kicks. It’s a little on the early side for feeling the baby, and it usually takes a little longer too if you’re overweight, but you’d have a hard time convincing me the somersault feeling was not the baby. I keep poking my belly to see if Baby will respond but it hasn’t worked yet. (I will probably keep trying anyway, haha.)

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  • Melissa says:

    I’m glad to hear everything’s going well. I was a little over 20 weeks when I KNEW I felt the baby move. A few weeks before that, I could have sworn I felt him kicking around, but wasn’t entirely sure if it was that or just gas. Haha.

  • Amanda says:

    Ooh, you can really tell the difference.

    This is all so exciting!

  • Gretchen says:

    My avocado niece or nephew! I love you! I love the comparisons too. Delightful.

  • Jem says:

    You may have felt movements. I felt mine really early. I was having a bad day at work and leaned forward to rest my head on the desk, and in doing so felt the weirdest little fluttering.

  • Heidi says:

    Baby! Baby! Baby! I can’t wait to spoil that little one!!! Love you Megg and your little avocado too!

  • Melissa says:

    Squeee!!! Glad to hear things are still going well. :D