July 1, 2009 8:25 pm

Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday, Daniel told me he bought us some M&Ms for dessert, and then asked if I wanted a treasure map to find it. We laughed about that for a bit, because really, how sad would a treasure map be for finding a bag of M&Ms in a decently-sized apartment? All you’d have to do is put “X marks the spot” and DONE! No fun at all. So he asked if I wanted a scavenger hunt instead and I nearly fainted with excitement.

Little-known fact about me: I ADORE SCAVENGER HUNTS. My mom used to make them for me when was little, and I love the fun of figuring out the riddles in the clues and running back and forth to find the next clue.

Daniel got started writing out the clues, and in about ten minutes he had me throw a random shirt over my head to block out my view so he could hide the clues. I was reading a book in the living room at the time. Amazingly, I didn’t hear him open any of the doors he hid clues behind. (Apparently I get really engrossed in my books.)

Photos of the clues and their answers ahead…


With a helpful skull and crossbones motif.

Clue #1
We have two gnomes, one in the terrarium and one that lives in our basket that holds the mail. I picked the mail basket one first and Daniel told me I was looking in the wrong spot, so off to the terrarium it was.

The Gnome!
I don’t think I remembered to share a photo of this during Christmas – it’s my very own terrarium! It lives in the bedroom on my dresser.

Clue #2
The gnome helps me out.

The mighty beast!
Behold the mighty beast!

Clue #3
I knew this one straight away! I am hugely into Michael Connelly novels at the moment and pick them up whenever I find them at thrift stores – they’re amazing detective novels and Daniel knew I’d get the clue’s meaning.

Mystery section!
My mystery novels! I also have a huge Agatha Christie section, but that’s on another shelf.

Clue #4
This one was one of the harder ones… I had to think back to our Dexter season 1 marathons last year and I remembered that there was the Ice Truck Killer, but I didn’t immediately put “mobile one of these” together with “ice truck” to get “ice in freezer.”

The ice!

Clue #5
Time to bundle up? That means one thing: the closet!

Winter coats!
Our winter coats were hiding the last clue.

Clue #6
This one took me the longest. I kept thinking, expand? Sponge? I couldn’t figure out what we had that was obviously made in New York. I finally thought of Daniel’s backpack, which is made by Manhattan something-or-other, and then suddenly “expands like a mofo” made sense! That backpack can fit EVERYTHING in it! Things like M&Ms!

Dessert was delicious, and I SO HOPE I get to do another scavenger hunt again soon. They are so much fun!

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  • Melissa says:

    OMG you guys are SO CUTE!!! XD Hahaha and I love the last clue “can expand like a mofo” ROFL!

    Scavenger hunts FTW! Sounds like it was too much fan, haha! Props to Daniel for being creative with the clues. :D

  • Justin says:

    LOL this is so cute!! Those clues are worthy of being on a reality show or something. haha at the mofo thing!

  • Han says:

    ahh thats an awesome idea. Definitely worth it – now I want some m&m’s! :shifty: