February 27, 2009 10:14 am

Lurking in the Dark

Daniel scared me half to death this morning. I had fallen asleep in the living room (Yes, again. If you have any suggestions on how to quit this horrible habit, I will be MORE THAN HAPPY to hear them. It is embarrassing how often I fail to come to bed in a given week.) but my internal alarm clock is pretty good, so I was awake on time.

I rolled off the couch and noticed that our front door had been left unlocked all night. We live in a secured building, so really the only people that could have intruded would be our two downstairs neighbors but I still do not like to leave the door unlocked while I am sleeping. So I locked the door.

I made my way through the living room and as I was about to step into the kitchen, I heard a voice from the darkness growl, “HELLO, I–”

And I screamed.

It was more of a “WHOOOOooOOoOO!!! YOU SCARED ME HALF TO DEATH WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING UP?” but I screamed nonetheless. I couldn’t see Daniel in the dark and he was standing at the other end of the kitchen, right after I had told myself that despite leaving the door unlocked all night, we probably did not have any intruders.

Turns out he had kindly turned the alarm on for me even though I had not actually made it to bed, and had been snoozing the alarm without me even in the room for more than a half-hour. Whoops.

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  • Cristina says:

    My mom has the same proble. She falls asleep on the couch all the time, but I think a lot of it has to do with the fact she has to go upstairs to her bed. All I know is if I had a bed as comfy as hers I’d never leave that bed, hah!

  • Kaylee says:

    Lmao! It’s a good thing he wasn’t close enough for you to smack him ;)

    I love sleeping on the couch for some reason. Going to bed takes too much effort some times :P