December 1, 2008 5:29 pm

Big Purchases

Since it’s well-documented that I am a rug dunce and am trying to beautify my living room, I need some outside opinions.

I want this rug:

Moorish Tile Rug in Clementine from Pottery Barn

Daniel and I have been saving for an occasion like this, and the only other big-ticket item we are seriously considering is the Eugene sofa in Dita Salt:

Eugene Sofa in Dita Salt from Room and Board

This couch, sadly, is being discontinued so we either need to decide to purchase it ASAP or find another couch we like.



  • I like this rug. That is more than I can say for many other rugs I have seen.
  • It would work nicely in either the living room or the bedroom. Multi-purpose!
  • It’s on sale. Rugs are expensive and this definitely makes a difference.


  • I might like the couch more. It’s not an either-or, just a matter of priorities.
  • THAT IS A LOT OF MONEY, especially if we go for the couch as well.
  • What if it is all wrong and it’s a bad choice and I get both and I’m out $1500? *dies*

Here’s a quick moodboard I made up so you can get an idea of what it might look like with some other items we’re considering:

HELP. Should we go for both? One? Which one? We have been saving and can basically afford both, but doing it all at once is a bit of a hit.

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  • Tracy says:

    The rug is not my personal style – well, actually it’s just the color. I like the brown one. Anyways, it looks good on the image with the couch on Potterybarn. And I can imagine it looking good in your living room as well.

    The couch is nice – very stylish and elegant and unique.

    You say you could afford both at the moment, so I’d go for both. I personally think the rug is very expensive, the couch not so much.
    Of course you’ll “lose” a lot of money at once, but how often is it that you buy big tings for your home? After you purchased them, you can save up again.

    If you don’t buy both I’d go for the couch.

    I also have trouble finding a rug I like. Most of them look yucky. I should be a rug designer *keepsondreaming*…

    Good luck! :angel:

  • Claire says:

    Being a wheelchair user I have an in-built hate for rugs of any sort, just because they make my arms ache, so I don’t really feel I can comment much on that. But, for the love of sanity, get that sofa quick before the stop making it – it’s GORGEOUS.

  • Cristina says:

    It’s a tough one for me because first reaction I had is, “NO WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!” I’m the kinda person who refuses to shell out over $100 for a rug. Afterall, my house is IKEA for the most part, haha.

    But to give a useful opinion, I’d say go with one whatever you need the most and try asking for anything else for Christmas. :/

  • callie says:


    Seriously, you guys need to get a pretty couch, and dump the current $12 one. I mean yes, it’s comfy, but this one is *so cute!* :biggrin:

    And as for the rug, personally I could go either way. It is pretty cool-looking, but I don’t know if I could justify spending that much on a piece of carpet… But really that’s just me. It *is* an attractive rug.

  • Caitlin says:

    I’m a super cheapskate, but when it comes to things you love, you need to treat yourself well. I just bought a new bike that was scarily expensive and I had a panic right after I paid for it, but every time I ride it I KNOW I made the right decision. The way I like to think of big ticket items like that is breaking it down into how much it will cost me each year I own it. If you have the couch ten or 15 years, it’s not that much when you think of it like that. You’ll have that swanky couch and really cool rug for a long time to come, so if it makes sense to you, go for it.

  • Erin says:

    I would definitely purchase the couch over the rug. While I think it is pretty, the price tag is painful. I cannot imagine spending over $100 for a rug. But that’s just me. However, if that rug makes you happy and you guys can financially swing it, I say why not. Enjoy it. Both pieces are beautiful.