November 17, 2008 8:56 pm

Case of the Mondays

I don’t know if it’s because I started watching Office Space last night or what, but today really threw me for a loop. Just a lot of unexpected stuff, mostly work-related, most of it disappointing. Nothing scary or anything like that, just… disappointing.

Today went by much slower than my Mondays usually go, which also did not help.

I hate when I can’t post about the things I want to post about.

Instead, here are five things I am thankful for today:

  1. Figuring out how to make the mantel above our not-really-a-fireplace look better. One would assume there’d be more articles online about how to decorate a mantel (not for the holidays!) but one would be wrong. Most of them were the weird old lady-type mantels that I wish I could describe but I can’t, and the ones that weren’t were mostly holiday themed. I’m good at holiday decorating I think, but the normal day-to-day interior decorating, not so much. But I am learning.
  2. Michael Connelly books. I read Echo Park first, and then The Closers, and now I’m on Chasing the Dime. He’s an author I know virtually nothing about but I’m finding his books incredibly enjoyable.
  3. The knowledge that my mom is making a quilt for Daniel and I as a wedding gift (with colors we like instead of colors she likes!), and my dad is making me a hope chest as a (really, really belated) graduation present. I like that my parents are so handy.
  4. Friends that don’t give me too much crap for watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy at least once a month. Because I do. And I am not ashamed.
  5. Netflix. We just finished Season 1 Disc 1 of Dexter, and even though I still think Dexter is pretty doofy-looking (I kept lamenting this every time he was on screen, much to Daniel’s chagrin – I can’t get over it, he looks so stupid half the time), I like the show a lot. The opening sequence squicks me out a bit but his sister is pretty funny and I like Angel Batista. Don’t tell me what happens with the Ice Truck Killer! We should be getting the next disc soon.

Was your Monday okay or was it inexplicably crap like mine?

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  • adastra says:

    The finale of Dexter S1 is mindblowing. You’ll have no choice but love it ;)

    I don’t really think Michael C. Hall looks doofy – there are actors who are much harder to look at. I already knew him from Six Feet Under, and I think he looks even better as Dexter with the messier hair and the stubble.

  • whitney says:

    You certainly can enter on my website. Web development is definitely within the realm of my research. Just make sure you leave a valid e-mail address and I’ll count you in. :)

  • whitney says:

    OH and i love your site, by the way. When I get home I’m going to link you on my blogroll!!

  • Audrey says:

    Love LOTR.

  • Katie says:

    What a great solution to one of those “what to do” days in blogging. I just started blogging about our home remodel and life in Berlin–need to remember your great idea. Your parents’ gifts sound too cool!

  • Josh says:

    Well, I stayed home from school, so it was a good Monday. :P I basically did nothing the whole day; I just lounged around, watched TV and played some video games.

    I do love Office Space, though. And I think if I had gone to school, it would have been a “case of the Mondays.”

  • Kerri Anne says:

    I have never watched Dexter but I totally want to now, if only so I can say “Don’t tell me about the Ice Truck Killer!” (Hi, awesome t-shirt slogan.)

  • Nicole says:

    we recently got Showtime and watched dexter for the first time, (starting with season 3)
    about 4 episodes in we got completly hooked and rented season 1 & 2 and watched them all within 2 days.

    Probably one of the best shows out there, hope you enjoy!

  • Cristina says:

    DUDE! I was totally searching through Flickr for mantle inspirations. You need to start post pics of your house! :D

    And seriously Meggan… we need to get together because I would totally watch the LotR trilogy (I haz special extended edition!) every month! I have LotR Trivial Pursuit and no one to play it with. :(