November 10, 2008 5:31 pm

Addicted to Design Blogs

After Kerri responded to my tweet asking which design blogs I read, I thought it would be appropriate to post them so everyone can enjoy. Behold!

I visit Design*Sponge a LOT. They have a nice mix of furniture, food, stationery, pillows, everything. Everything designy.

The first “house” blog I really got into is Making It Lovely. Nicole is SO sweet and her house is adorable. The older archives are more house-related but I love it all. Don’t miss the large dragon mural! (Also, Nicole and her husband are having a baby and I can’t WAIT to see what the nursery ends up looking like!)

Everyone cites Apartment Therapy as a big inspiration, but I find their site too obnoxious to browse. I hate their archiving method (you used to only be able to see one page before you hit the “archives”
which only gave you post titles. Now I think it’s better, but might only be five pages?) and I hate the giant square ads before the comments. They post questions but don’t answer them or offer suggestions before they open it up to the commenters. It’s okay, it’s just not for me.

I used to visit This Young House off and on, but in the last couple of weeks I’ve gotten totally obsessed with it. Just ask Daniel, heh. They offer a consulting service where you can send in photos of your house, or room, or whatever, and for a fee they will create a color palette and research items you should buy for your room. They have fantastic taste and their readers have great before-and-afters. I emailed the couple to ask them to post a “rugs 101” because I am a total dunce about rugs (Why would you cover up hardwood with something pretending to be carpet? What size do you need for a given room? How do you pick a pattern?) and Sherry posted it the next day! I’m forever grateful.

Decor8 is good for visuals. I tend to save their images to my computer so I can look at them later. I think they offer deals a lot, like “20% off X store for all readers of this blog!” so that’s nice. One of the girls that writes for Decor8 also has a personal blog called Haus Maus where she talks about getting a place in Germany and decorating it.

I stumbled on Coveiter this morning and had a field day.

How About Orange has some nice visuals too.

I tend to not read Martha Stewart websites (even though I secretly love her stuff) because there’s too much going on with the rest of the site and not enough article. I always feel like I’ll click into something that looks like it’ll have helpful info, and it’ll be two paragraphs and three bullet points of common sense and then NINE ZILLION ADS and PROMOS and OTHER THINGS TO LOOK AT. Her ideas are great, but I tire of her sites easily.

Occasionally, I’ll stumble on other house blogs and read all the archives and then forget what the sites were called, so there are definitely more out there that I’m just not remembering. Do you have any other sites you want to share? I’m always up for other things to read!

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  • Bobbi-lee says:

    I’m addicted to design blogs too. I subscribe to Apartment Therapy and in like 1 day I will have close to 100 posts from them…its crazy I hardly read them all. I have never seen This Young House or Making it Lovely so thanks for the links. I love Design Sponge so much!
    Here’s some sites I use for design inspiration – Nursery love

  • Tracy says:

    I visit Thisyounghouse and decor8 daily. Thanks for the other links, I’ll check them out. I do the exact same thing with the pictures from Decor8 :D I’ll save them bedroom1.jpg, bedroom2.jpg… and show the bubby for eventual ideas when we move together :) It’s great.

  • Sharon says:

    Meggan . . . this isn’t what I was going to do this morning. I was just checking to see what’s new and thanks for the site links! You know how visual I am, but house decorating isn’t my thing. I just loved the “do it yourself” feel, tips from shopping to decorating, and colors and more colors – yum. My eyes are happy!

  • Meggan says:

    Yay, more links! Eventually I’ll post the “moodboard” I’m making for our living room – it’s got pictures of the furniture and accessories I’d like to have and I’m trying to make it look cohesive but not too matchy-matchy.

  • Cristina says:

    Thanks a lot Meggan! Now you got ME addicted to those design blogs! :-D :p

  • Jem says:

    I daren’t look at stuff like that because I know that I’d start racking up huge bills with Ikea, and then Karl would leave me, and then HOLY HELL would break loose :'(