October 26, 2008 1:21 pm

Civic Duty

I just performed my civic duty and filled out my ballot. Oregon is fully vote-by-mail, so you get mailed a voting pamphlet and your ballot, and you can fill it out in the privacy of your own home. I have decided that this is one of the best ideas Oregon has ever had – you could vote in your underpants if you wanted! I personally enjoy not leaving my home to go stand in line for forever and ever to be at the mercy of a voting machine that may or may not work.

This does mean that I don’t get an “I voted!” sticker, but the convenience totally outweighs the lack of a sticker.

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  • Tracy says:

    You get “I voted” stickers? I never knew that.

  • Meggan says:

    Yeah, sometimes. I think it depends on where you vote; it’s not an official thing. It’s like when you donate blood and they give you the “I saved a life today” sticker. :)

    Honestly though, I love voting. I like learning about the issues and making my voice heard. :D

  • Vera says:

    Eeeh? That’s rather convenient… although the voting section is really close to where I live, so meh.

    But here, you have to fill out a truckload of paper work to have them come to your home. And even then, you have to have some sort of severe disability in order to have such privilege.

    Besides, I just know I’d suddenly feel the urge to go somewhere, when I’d have to wait for them :P

  • Amanda says:

    Yay, one more vote for the next president! ;)

  • Elea says:

    Huzzah for voting! Although, I do hope Oregon mail[people] are more reliable than the ones in my neighborhood, as one day per week mail mysteriously fails to be delivered now…

    And hey, why not make your own ‘I voted’ sticker? ;)