October 7, 2008 8:43 pm

Status Update


Most of my interesting stories recently have to do with workplace and client issues and I therefore can’t really share them. Just know that there are a lot of frustrating and crazy people in the world.

Model Employee

I won the “Team Player” award for this quarter and received a $100 gift card to a local shop. Hurrah!


I did end up buying the iPod. Part of the reason I was holding off was because I know Daniel wanted one too, and I felt bad buying myself one knowing he might use his more. After actually talking to him about it, he said it was no big deal and that I should go for it.


I’m finding it really, really hard not to talk all politics all the time over here. I know that sometimes I am preaching to the choir, and when I’m not, I’m not likely to change anybody’s mind. I just get so riled up, mostly because I don’t understand people’s motivations for voting Republican this time around – obviously the last eight years haven’t worked so well, what makes you think another four of the same policies will?


I have the absolute best idea for a gift for one of Daniel’s co-workers, whose girlfriend is having a baby. It is genius. I just need to create it and I will definitely share it with you all once I am finished with it.


I’m trying out the Mentos “Red Fruit ยท Lime” flavored gum, and while it tastes delicious at first, the flavor totally drops off after a couple minutes. I wish it would last longer.

Interior Design

I’ve been on a bit of a mission recently to make our apartment look less like a lame-o dorm room and more like an actual apartment or house, and I’ve accomplished a few things recently that really helped.

I rearranged our bedroom so our bed only touches the wall at the head instead of both the head and one side. I also managed to find a nearly pristine brown bedskirt at Goodwill for $5 last week and both of those made a big difference in making the room more “bedroom-y.” I am a little bit more afraid of falling off the bed in the middle of the night but it hasn’t happened yet, so maybe it won’t. :)

After moving the bed and the nightstand, our awful black snake lamp looked even more awful than it used to, so I hunted down a super-cute bedside lamp and found one for $4. The lampshade took a little more scavenging work at the thrift stores and I ended up with a Christmas-themed one that’s too big for the lamp, but I’m planning on taking off the Christmas fabric and recovering it with something less lame.

The main things I want to change are:

  • Getting rid of our futon. It’s really not that comfortable or attractive. We are currently saving up for a new couch, which I think will help a lot. The couch we want to buy is the IKEA KRAMFORS Sofa in Myrby Dark Gray. I really, really want a gray couch because you can spice it up so much with different pillows or blankets and you’re not stuck with a “dated” color. I love the look of dark gray couches with lime green, red, or orange accents.
  • I don’t hate our current couch, but it’s old (it’s the one we got for $16 at a thrift store) and it’s got a gross hide-a-bed inside. At first, I liked having that option in case we had guests, but to my knowledge we have never ever used it and I don’t think we will.
  • Getting rid of our Poof chair (NOT PERMANENTLY, I say, Daniel hopes otherwise) in lieu of something more chair-ish and smaller. My thought is that it’s a perfect piece of furniture for a rec room or a game room, and we should hang on to it until we have that sort of room in which to put it. I think Daniel just doesn’t want to deal with it, which is fine. I’m hoping I can convince my parents to drive down to visit and take it back home with them and put it in their basement. Shhh.
  • Decorating our backyard and sunroom additions. This has been put off way too long. I’m looking to find great patio accessories that will really make my backyard stand out. I’m already researching companies that specialize in building additions because I have a few projects in mind. My aim is to get started soon and make the house better and better.

Look at me pretending to be an adult, ahh ha ha. :-D

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  • Kerri Anne says:

    I am in a constant state of decorating and re-decorating our apartment, and right now I am wishing there were more affordable options for framing prints. I LOVE prints, and have three of them that I’ve bought from Etsy, or elsewhere online, to hang, and I cannot hang them! Because frames can be so ridiculously expensive. Also the print sizes are strange, so that doesn’t help.

  • Melissa says:

    I know this has nothing to do with your entry, but I just thought I’d tell you that I updated my blog finally :)