September 22, 2008 1:58 pm

My Favorite Actors

Apropos of nothing: my favorite actors, in no particular order:

  • Edward Norton
    He’s been my favorite actor for a looong time now. Obviously I loved him in Fight Club, but his characters in The 25th Hour, Death to Smoochy, and Primal Fear are what made me really appreciate his acting. He makes such a great magician in The Illusionist; I found him terrifying in American History X; and yet somehow he is totally believable as an over-enthusiastic children’s TV show host with a myriad of dietary oddities in Death to Smoochy.
  • Ewan McGregor
    This is a fairly new development, but after watching him in Moulin Rouge and Big Fish I just found him so endearing. One of my favorite things about him is how genuinely happy he looks when he sings. I put the movie Emma on our Netflix list a while back and was pleased to discover that he sings in that movie too!
  • Martin Freeman
    Tim from The Office! The cute fiancĂ© in Confetti! The Shaun look-alike Declan in Shaun of the Dead! ARTHUR DENT! At first when I heard The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was being made into a movie, I was scared, because the TV version of Arthur Dent was PERFECT. He embodied everything that Arthur Dent was in the books and I wasn’t sure anybody else would work, but once I found out it was Martin Freeman, I had confidence that it would all turn out all right, and it did.
  • Cary Elwes
    BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING, I am speaking of the young Cary Elwes, circa The Princess Bride and Robin Hood: Men In Tights. These are two of my most favorite movies ever. He starts to go downhill after Liar Liar, and lately he’s managed to get himself into crap like The Saw, BUT! Young Cary Elwes is so quirky and cute, and I just can’t help but like him.
  • John Cusack
    The first movie I saw that I really got into John Cusack was Better Off Dead. It was one of his first movies and he plays a young man who has just been dumped for the star of the Ski Club at his high school. His suicide attempts are continually unsuccessful and hilarity ensues.

What are some of your favorite actors?

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  • adastra says:

    Ed Norton and Ewan McGregor are great :) Big Fish and Moulin Rouge were also the movies where I first started noticing what a great actor Ewan McGregor can be.

    My list of favorite actors is pretty long, probably because I watch so insanely many movies… They include Christian Bale, Marlon Brando (watch A Streetcar Named Desire!), Russell Crowe, Johnny Depp, Cary Grant, Gene Kelly, Peter Lorre, Viggo Mortensen, Clive Owen, Kevin Spacey, Charlize Theron and Uma Thurman.

    The actor of which I’ve probably seen the most movies is Gary Oldman. Except for a few, I’ve probably seen about 20 movies with him, which is at least 75% of all the movies he’s ever made. I don’t really know why, but at some point I developed a sudden fascination for that old man and loved to observe him being a completely different person in each of the movies he’s made.

  • Meggan says:

    Ohhh, right on about Gary Oldman. I just watched Bram Stoker’s Dracula the other day and was talking about how diverse of an actor he is. I haven’t seen a ton of his movies (that one, plus Batman Begins and the Harry Potter movies when he’s Sirius) but I’ve liked him in everything.

  • Tiffany says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with the first two!

    I love James McAvoy (if only he was in all movies!) and Ryan Gosling. :biggrin:

  • Amanda says:

    AS YOU WISH! <3 The Princess Bride is one of my favourite films!

  • Meagan says:

    LORD, I love Better Off Dead. You truly cannot go wrong with early John Cusack.

  • Erin says:

    Johnny Depp. Morgan Freeman. Edward Norton (I agree with you! I’m so surprised he doesn’t have an Oscar yet).

    I’ll watch any movie that they are in. They are awesome.

  • Bubs says:

    Jason Isaacs <333333333

    Have you seen “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”?

    PS – This design is love ;) I hadn’t seen it!

  • Jeff R says:

    All very good choices – I particularly love Ed Norton and John Cusack. High Fidelity is probably in my top 10 movies of all time, just because it’s so incredibly re-watchable.

    I hear Ed Norton’s a crazy control freak too, which I like in an artist :)

  • Erin says:

    Oh, and I can’t forget Denzel Washington!

  • Alyssa says:

    Ewan McGregor, Ed Norton, and John Cusack are definitely up there on my list. Have you seen 1408? John Cusack was amaaaazing in it.

    I know it’s cliche, but I like Johnny Depp. He really is a versatile actor and he’s chosen some great roles. I’ve liked him since I saw him in Edward Scissorhands and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? years ago.

    Aww, young Cary Elwes was so cute and funny and good! But now he’s…not really any of those things anymore. :( The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies ever, and when I was little I had a HUGE crush on Westley. :P

  • Alyssa says:

    That last smiley was supposed to be a :p


  • Kerri Anne says:

    Big Fish is one of my all-time favorites, and I too have a soft spot for Edward Norton, though I will admit that I didn’t really like him in The Italian Job.

    And John Cusack! LOVE. Except that recent-ish movie he did with Samuel L. Jackson about the haunted hotel? Not as “awesome” as “awesomely horrible.”