August 14, 2008 3:51 pm


The past two days have been uncharacteristically crappy. Yesterday started out okay, but toward the afternoon it just got worse.

For my workout class, I have to bring my stuff (workout clothes, any accessories like a yoga mat or resistance bands) with me to work in the morning since I don’t have time to go home in between. I appreciate knowing what we’re doing ahead of time, so I looked at the schedule the night before and brought the appropriate things with me. Then, I got an email around 3pm yesterday saying, “Class has been changed from Budokon to strength training, please bring good shoes and resistance bands!” Well, I had a yoga mat and my Chaco sandals, because you use a mat and don’t wear shoes in Budokon. I tried emailing one of the girls to clarify the change but I heard from her later that she was out of the office by the time I emailed, so I couldn’t run home and get the proper equipment.

So I had crap shoes for running around and exercising, plus I really disliked our instructor. He talked the entire time in a jokey, “funny” way and would mime things and generally made an ass of himself, and then would say things like, “You probably all wish I would just go away and never come back! HA HA HA!” except most people found this funny and I was having murderous thoughts.

THEN, I went home to have dinner. I wanted cereal. I opened the refrigerator to discover that we were out of milk, but of course this was after I already poured a giant bowl of delicious Trader Joe’s frosted mini-wheats.

So I decided to make french toast, only to see that our eggs had expired. I decided I was desperate. The eggs had only been expired for a couple days and eggs keep a long time anyway, so I went for it. The griddle was being weird and so the french toast came out a bit strange, but I didn’t care. I loaded them up with peanut butter (you know, for some protein) in anticipation of slathering it with maple syrup. I grabbed the maple syrup to discover it had gone bad and there was a disgusting layer of squicky mold-like film on the surface of the syrup.

I decided to fuck nutrition and poured powdered sugar over my french toast instead. And then I drank a (cane sugar!) soda. (Doesn’t that just sound disgusting? I am ashamed I ate that for dinner.)

Cut to today:
You know how I just got a new cell plan on AT&T? They decided to have massive coverage outages all morning and nobody’s phones were working for hours.

To make matters worse, then there’s this: At work, we have annual bus passes. We got them last year around this time so they expire in two weeks. We got an email today that said the price has gone up astronomically (a $20,000 price hike) and the company has decided they can no longer afford to give them to employees for free, so we are to purchase our own passes and we will get reimbursed for 50%.

Problem is, yearly passes are almost a thousand dollars. And if you don’t want a lapse in “coverage,” you have to buy one within two weeks – that’s TWO WEEKS to come up with $946 dollars. Our alternative is to buy a monthly pass for $86 (which comes out to being $1032 for the year) of which we will be reimbursed 50%, but you have to have that money up front too. And it USED to be free for us. The other OTHER alternative is to just pay the fee daily (basically forgo the pass altogether) but it’s $1.75 twice a day and rates are going up in September. And I now have a monthly cell phone bill to pay, and I was considering getting a gym membership after my class is over, AND I just upped one of my student loan payments because they lowered it for me but I want to pay it off sooner.

THEN, you will never believe this, I found out that the new Harry Potter movie? The Half-Blood Prince? The one everything thinks is coming out in November? Is actually going to be delayed until JULY 17th OF NEXT YEAR. We have to wait a whole YEAR for the new movie.

I just feel like, really? REALLY? Am I going to come home to find out all my plants have died and my Wii is broken or something? Today and yesterday are just not working out for me. Feeling pretty bummed right about now.

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  • Erin says:

    I am MAJORLY bummed about the Half Blood Prince movie being moved back. :dep: I feel your pain. And… time to go grocery shopping, yes?